Meet the Ellis Family

(Published Aug 13, 2018)

Investing In The Future of our school age kids is important for families who depend on responsible and reliable afterschool programs. Parents are able to focus on their careers and provide support for their families worry‐free from the stress of how their children will be cared for.

It Takes a Village As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child, and the JCC has been that village for Sarah Knapp Ellis and her family.

Sarah went back to work just seven weeks after youngest daughter Amara was born. “She was in ECE’s infant room and I was able to go on my lunch break and breastfeed, which was awesome. To be able to get back to work so quickly and maintain breastfeeding was not easy, but it was made easier by their flexibility and encouragement to do it.”

Afterschool Care Helps Transition to Kindergarten For eldest daughter Elaine, leaving ECE behind but still coming to the JCC for the afterschool program made the transition to elementary school easy. “Elaine is a real sensitive kid, and I thought, ‘What’s she going to do when she goes to school?’ Afterschool care has been a lifesaver. We love that the school bus is welcomed by staff waiting for the kids. They are so friendly and organized, and offer that reassuring consistency kids need.”

YearRound at the J Even in the summer, Elaine’s weekdays are at the JCC. “That was a big transition, to camp. I thought, ‘How is this preschooler going to do with all these big kids?’ but she loves it! She wouldn’t go anywhere else,” Sarah said. “This year I tried to get her to do art camp and other stuff, and she said, ‘I’ll only do one week outside the JCC,’ because all of her buddies are there.”

Part of Something Bigger Sarah recognizes this sense of being part of a bigger family is hard to find. “That’s why I love the supportive community [at the JCC], and we’ll always support that for other families.”

One-third of the annual JCC budget comes from generous donors who want to make sure JCC staffers always meet that school bus with a smile and a hug, welcoming children who may be tired or stressed, need help with homework, or just want a snack.

Please consider a gift of at least $60 to the 60/60 campaign; $1 a year or more for each year the JCC has been on Hoover Road. Investing In Our Future is something we at the JCC think about everyday, and we thank you in advance for your support!

P.S. Please don’t miss this opportunity to make your generosity go much further. A handful of donors have offered to match donations up to $30,000. So each $60 donation is really $120!