Personal Training at the JCC Indianapolis

Personal Training at the JCC Indianapolis

Personal training is a job that starts with heart, motivation, and a love for all things fitness. Personal trainers at JCC Indianapolis possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to design safe and effective fitness programs, instructing and assisting people in reaching personal health and fitness goals.

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The Scope of JCC Personal Trainers

  • Having and maintaining a working knowledge of human anatomy and the concepts of functional exercise, basic nutrition, and fundamental principles of exercise science.
  • An ability to design and execute individual exercise fitness programs, tailored to the needs and attainable goals of the individual, in a safe and effective way.
  • An understanding of the need for and importance of screening and client assessment; proficiency in conducting these evaluations initially and progressively.
  • A desire to help clients reach their health and fitness goals through appropriate cardiovascular, flexibility, and resistance exercise.
  • An ability to motivate others in an encouraging and uplifting way towards improving their overall fitness and health.
  • A dedication to maintaining personal integrity, client confidentiality, and professional standards for best practice.
  • A dedication to self-improvement, self-awareness, continuous learning, personal growth, and development for better personal health, fitness, and mental capacity.
  • All JCC personal trainers are certified by nationally accredited programs and in CPR/AED.

Benefits of Personal Training

    The benefits of working with a personal trainer include:

  • Accountability: One of the biggest challenges about maintaining a workout routine can be just that — doing the workouts and doing them consistently. If someone is expecting you to meet them at the gym, you’re much more likely to go. You may also find you work harder with a trainer by your side than you would if you went alone.
  • Education: A personal trainer has studied human physiology and body mechanics, behavior change, exercise science, and more. They can help you learn proper form, how to use specific equipment, and what exercises will be most effective for you.
  • Goal Achievement: A personal trainer can help you set realistic and attainable goals based on your personal experiences and abilities, aiding you in your progress along the way.
  • Variety: You may be a creature of habit when it comes to exercise, always gravitating to the same equipment at the gym or doing the same workouts at home. A personal trainer can introduce you to exercises you may have never done before or would never have attempted on your own, decreasing your chance of boredom and hitting a plateau.

JCC Personal Trainers

Contact us today to schedule a session with a personal trainer.

Kylie graduated cum laude from the University of Indianapolis with a Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Science, Pre-Physical Therapy and a minor in Spanish. She is a certified ACSM CPT and has interned at National Institute of Fitness & Sports and BASEC Training. In addition, she has shadowed 100+ hours of physical therapy, from geriatrics to pediatrics. Currently, she is a head coach of a T.I. Volleyball 15 Elite team and plays volleyball recreationally. Kylie is prepared to serve her clientele with fun, research-based training. She will challenge your mind and body to help you discover a newfound love—your best self.

A lifelong resident of Indianapolis, Jim was “reorganized” in 2012 and reinvented himself into a “pre-retirement” career. He has been a member of the JCC personal trainer team since 2013. “I specialize in active older adults because I am one!” Jim believes it is never too late to get into shape and live life to the fullest. “I truly believe an active mind and body are the fountains of youth!” Jim also trains adolescents and young adults. As a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer, Jim has certifications in SilverSneakers MSROM, SilverSneakers Cardio Fit, Group Cycling, and Group exercise. “I keep fit to actively play with my five young grandchildren, not watch.”

Claire is an ACE certified personal trainer as well as indoor cycle instructor, shallow water aquatics instructor, and group fitness instructor. She loves to take her versatility and turn it into fun, challenging workouts. She’s passionate about members gaining confidence and knowledge about the gym and exercising. If she’s not in the gym, she enjoys being outside, making art, and playing video games.

Emily obtained a master’s degree in Wellness Management and Gerontology from Ball State University. Her undergraduate degree is in Exercise Science and Fitness Management. She is an A.C.E. certified personal trainer who enjoys working with all types of people, but she specializes in older adults. Emily believes it is never too late to improve your health and wellness. Her philosophy in attaining your goals is achieved through dedication; however, moderation is the key to a balanced lifestyle.

Along with being the JCC’s Director of Fitness and Recreation, Cathleen is an NETA-certified personal trainer with an additional focus on Active Older Adult Wellness and Nutrition. She takes a functional approach to fitness and creates workouts that are both dynamic and engaging. She enjoys watching clients become comfortable navigating the fitness center, and as a mom of three she has a special passion for welcoming women back into their fitness journey post-birth. Outside of fitness, she enjoys being outside, live music and new experiences.

Lindsey’s passion for fitness skyrocketed her senior year of college at Ball State University – she ran her first mini marathon that year (2012) and has averaged 1-2 mini marathons every year since. She became certified to teach Zumba in 2014 and A.C.E. certified for personal training in June 2020. Lindsey’s personal experience of staying fit through pregnancy and then working on toning and losing weight postpartum has led her to specialize in working with pregnant and postpartum women, helping them regain core strength that was lost during pregnancy. While she loves helping everyone on their fitness journey, she has a special place in her heart for helping women feel confident in their own skin and creating healthy routines to achieve this.

Kyle Messer graduated from Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis with a Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology and Indiana University’s Doctorate of Occupational Therapy program. His certification is through NASM. He gained experience in occupational, physical, and cardiac rehabilitation settings prior to training at the JCC. Kyle enjoys engaging in physical activity, playing sports, dancing, and hiking.

Alicia is ACSM certified. Her training focus includes balance, functional training, and helping our senior athletes stay independent and strong. She has a B.S. in Computer Technology from North Carolina A&T University and an M.S. in Information Technology from Purdue University. Alicia has always been fascinated by the human body’s ability to adapt to its environment, good or bad. She finds helping clients become physically fit and appreciating their bodies (no matter the size) to be very fulfilling.

An NETA certified personal trainer, Heather began her fitness journey in 2021 working with a personal trainer herself, during which time she lost over 50 pounds and found a new love for fitness and lifting weights. Her goal as a personal trainer is to help others become comfortable in the gym and reach their wellness goals no matter their fitness level or abilities, and she is currently working on a women’s coaching certification to better serve women in their teenage years through post-menopause. While she loves strength training in the gym, she also runs half marathons and spends her weekends running outdoors. She also teaches high school math virtually and has two young boys who keep her busy.

Lisa graduated from Indiana University in 2008 with a degree in Kinesiology. Just days after graduating she started her career in the fitness industry. While getting her bachelor’s degree in Bloomington, she became an ACE certified personal trainer as well as a STOTT (Merrithew) certified Pilates instructor. She stays current in her training methods by attending annual continuing education workshops. In her free time, she enjoys working out and spending time with her friends and family. If you are eager to learn a new and safe way to exercise via the Pilates Reformer or need some extra motivation with your workouts via personal training, Lisa is just what you need!

Who Would Benefit from Personal Training?

Personal trainers have degrees in the areas of exercise science, kinesiology, and physical education. Their strong background in human anatomy, wellness, nutrition, strength, corrective exercise, and physical fitness is what helps them identify and build safe, effective, and custom exercise sessions.

  • Adults ages 25 to 34, along with youth 8+, are the most likely to engage in personal training, according to the IHRSA Health Club Consumer Report. Youth tend to be athletes seeking to learn proper technique and form, which builds muscle memory and correct movement patterns. A personal trainer can help teenagers to improve stamina, speed, strength, balance, and flexibility, ensuring they are performing each movement properly to prevent injury. Our personal trainer, Kylie Barnett, is a volleyball head coach and works with youth.
  • Working adults aged 35-54 who don’t have much time to exercise regularly and who want to maximize the impact of what little time they do have can benefit from a personal trainer.
    A personal trainer for postpartum women ages 21-40 can help with addressing weight gain and low energy levels.
  • A personal trainer can help those with specialized needs who need an exercise plan designed specifically for them, e.g., seniors, the elderly, and those with diverse abilities.
  • A personal trainer helps with weight loss by providing advice on diet and exercise, customizing diet and workout plans that produce the best results for you. They teach you multiple exercises that keep you engaged and excited about working out. For example, the common belief that to lose weight, you need to increase your cardio. But you can lose about one pound of muscle for every four pounds of fat, which means you’re also losing your metabolism. So, incorporating strength training in your exercise routine helps with weight loss. A personal trainer can help with that so you’re not unintentionally sabotaging your efforts.

What to Expect

Sessions with a JCC personal trainer are scheduled at a date and time that fits your schedule. We offer a variety of time frames to best fit your needs. Contact us today to schedule a session with one of our personal trainers or to learn more.

One-on-one attention with a JCC certified personal trainer will take your workout where you want it to go, with their guidance and motivation taking you beyond what you thought you could do.

It is best to wear athletic wear and sneakers. Bring a towel, water bottle, and own yoga mat if preferred.

Rates are as follows: 

Members 1 Hour Individual 45 Min. Individual

30 Min. Individual 1 Hour Semi-Private 45 Min. Semi-Private 30 Min. Semi-Private
Single $60 $50 $35 $40 $35 $25
Save! 5-pack $285 $235 $165 $185 $160 $110
Best Value! 10-pack $550 $450 $300 $350 $300 $200
Non-Members 1 Hour Individual 45 Min. Individual

30 Min. Individual 1 Hour Semi-Private 45 Min. Semi-Private 30 Min. Semi-Private
Single $87 $72 $51 $58 $51 $36
Save! 5-pack $413 $341 $239 $268 $232 $160
Best Value! 10-pack $798 $652 $435 $507 $435 $290

Please note that the JCC uses Daxko for all wellness services.

Members: Make all your purchases in one system, using the card the JCC already has on file for you. Just sign in to your Daxko account, search for your program and register.

Daxko Login Tips:

  • Use the email address or phone number associated with your JCC membership account
  • Follow the prompts to log in or reset your password
  • If you get locked out or if your email is tied to multiple accounts, call the Welcome Desk at 317-251-9467 or email

Fitness Is a Core Jewish Value

At the JCC, fitness isn’t just something we do; it’s who we are. Although exercise is not mentioned in the Torah, taking care of one’s health is. In fact, while other belief systems advocate for the healing power of prayer, Judaism encourages people to look after their health and seek counsel from medical experts. In Judaism, good health is not a goal in itself. Rather, it is a means to an end – to serve the Creator.

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