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Pickleball Courts, Lessons & Leagues at the JCC Indianapolis

This paddle sport combining tennis, badminton, and ping pong has taken over the nation! The JCC Indianapolis has dedicated open play and private lessons with resident pickleball pro Pat for those looking to take their first steps onto the court or improve basic playing skills, as well as clinics and tournaments.

The JCC also partners with Circle City Athletics (CCA) to host two-on-two pickleball leagues on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons (day subject to change based on gym availability and registration numbers).

Private Lesson Inquiry (See Schedule Tab Below for Clinic/Tournament Registration)

Benefits of Adult and Youth Pickleball

    Pickleball is a low-impact sport, so while you’ll definitely get a workout, the potential for injury is limited. Get your aerobic exercise in without straining your muscles or putting stress on your joints.

  • The small court size means the ball is in play longer (and the volleys are fast and furious), but you don’t have to move very far to hit it.
  • The soft wiffle ball and solid, but lightweight, paddle combined with the game’s underhand serve ensure your arms stay fresh for the duration of play.

What to Expect from Pickleball

For JCC open play, all participants ages 11+ are welcome, no matter your level of experience. CCA leagues are for ages 19+.

Pickleball is held in the Cohen (big) Gymnasium

While the gym is 6,664-square-feet (high school regulation size), an indoor pickleball court is 880 square feet – meaning multiple games can happen at once!

Private lessons are generally available Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 am-2 pm, though may be available at other times on a case-by-case basis.

For open play and special hours and clinic/tournament times, please see the Gym Schedule on our Schedules page.

Register for JCC pickleball clinics/tournaments.

The Schloss (small) gym is available to members for hourly early bird rentals from 6-8 am Monday through Friday as a benefit of JCC membership. Reserve time at the Welcome Desk.

CCA two-on-two leagues run for eight weeks. See current and upcoming sessions on the CCA website.

Pickleball clinics are generally $26 / $20 JCC members. 

For private lessons, cost varies depending on the number of people in the session.

Members 1 Hour Private 1 Hour Duet

1 Hour Trio 1 Hour Quartet

Single Session $70 $65 $60 $55
Non-Members 1 Hour Private 1 Hour Duet

1 Hour Trio 1 Hour Quartet

Single Session $91 $85 $78 $72

JCC pickleball rental play time is available in the Schloss (small) gym. All fees may be paid at the Welcome Desk.


  • Open play in the gym is free for members as a benefit of membership.
  • Early bird play in the gym is available to members only for $30/hour Monday through Friday, 6-8 am (must rent by the hour).
  • Nonmembers may drop in for pickleball open play in the gym for the JCC’s standard guest pass rate of $15 for anyone 12+ and $10 up to age 12.

For CCA leagues, individuals are $78 each. Full teams may place a $73 deposit for a full price of $146. Register now on the Circle City Athletics (CCA) website.

For open play, the JCC has a set of pickleballs that are stored at the Fitness Desk (no longer at the Welcome Desk). All other equipment (paddles, etc.) is player-provided.

To be added to the JCC’s pickleball email list, fill out the form at the link below.

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Pat is an energetic & empathetic instructor with almost a decade in the sport and over 40 years of coaching experience. She has earned over 30 medals in major tournaments, including the US Open Pickleball Championships & USA Pickleball Nationals. Her passion is to bring people together to find real joy and community through sport. True to that, her Pickleball of the Heart curriculum marries the technical skills with life lessons that serve players far beyond the court. She is Level II International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association and Pickleball Professional Registry Pro Certified.

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