Community Garden at the JCC

Community Garden at the JCC Indianapolis

If you’d like a patch of land to call your own, the JCC Indianapolis Community Garden is open to all, whether you’re a novice or an expert gardener! Our gardeners plant annuals including fruit, vegetables, and flowers.

Community Garden Registration

About the JCC Indy Community Garden

Gardening, or lovingly tending to plants, is a universal value. Gardening is also a distinctly Jewish act. The echoes of God’s command to Adam (Gen. 2:15) “l’shomrah u’lovdah” (to guard/till and work/tend) resound through the generations. Jewish community gardening is the marriage of the universal and unique aspects of tending a piece of land. A garden is a gathering place, a home for community building, and an expression of the deepest values in Judaism, a hands-on classroom to teach about Judaism’s relationship to Creation.

The J’s community garden is made possible thanks to support from the Leonard & Marion Freeman Charitable Fund Grant and Keep Indianapolis Beautiful. The individual planters and sign were built by former Camp JCC camp counselor and JCC staffer Kenny Lambert (z”l) and 2012 JCC Construction Camp campers.

What to Expect

Once confirmed, you’ll be assigned an 8’ x 12’ raised-bed plot that’s all your own. All you need to do is bring your seeds and/or plants and get planting and nurturing. The garden is organic, so tenants must maintain chemical-free gardening techniques and products. Non-organic herbicides, pesticides, and soil amendments are not permitted.

Gardeners are responsible for bringing any equipment needed for planting and tending their garden plot. The JCC does have a water spigot and hose in the area that is specifically for garden use.

There are approximately 23 community garden plots available beginning in April. The season ends October 31. To apply for a garden plot, click the registration link above (you must also sign a garden contract and waiver). Please note that due to high levels of interest and limited space, gardeners applying for a plot may be placed on a wait list.

The cost for a garden plot is $65 and $50 for JCC members. Visit our online membership registration tool for types of memberships.

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