Adult Aquatics at the JCC Indianaolis

Adult Aquatics Classes at the JCC Indianapolis

Aquatics and learning to swim are deeply rooted in Jewish values and culture at JCC Indianapolis. Our aquatics program is integral to our community center, and we have built and maintained an aquatics center consisting of indoor, outdoor, competition-sized, and therapeutic pools. Our love of aquatics and passion for aquatic exercise starts early with swim lessons offered to all ages. We begin as early as 6 months with parent/baby classes, continue with lessons for children and classes for adults, and we also offer arthritis and therapy classes for those well into their 90s.

Visit our Schedules page for the schedule of hours and activities for our aquatics center.

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Pools at the JCC

This competition-sized indoor pool offers adult lap swimming, swim lessons, aquatic aerobics, aquatic exercise classes, and various aquatic programming. Upgrades include a new air handling system (2019) and new deck and floor liner (2015).

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Our “magic” therapy pool, named for Shirley and Herbert Backer, is the only pool in Indianapolis with an adjustable floor, making it possible to adjust the depth for toddlers, adults, and anyone learning to swim. At 89°F, the water temperature is much warmer than a regular pool to help provide an easy introduction to water and to soothe and relax joints and muscles. This pool is used for many of our adult group aquatic exercise classes as well as by organizations working with children with special needs and those suffering from brain and spinal injury.

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Our water park, named for Sid and Lois Eskenazi, boasts 389,000 gallons of water and encompasses more than 71,000-square-feet of distinct swimming and picnicking areas. We also have light to fuller fare available outside at the J Café for those working up an appetite playing and splashing in the summer sun. There are outdoor areas with tables for eating, and we also have an indoor dining area.

  • Cohen Outdoor Competition Pool

    Whether you’re swimming competitively, just learning to swim, or looking to swim laps, this outdoor pool is open to anyone seeking a refreshing respite from the hot, humid Indiana summers.

  • Mordoh Zero-Depth Pool

    Our zero-depth pool is perfect for infants and toddlers ages 6 and younger, and includes interactive play features, a Star of David splash pad, and a 6-inch-deep rainbow pool for infants under 2 years of age.

  • Biccard Lazy River and Slides

    A 300-foot-long lazy river makes the perfect leisurely ride through the heart of the water park. Plus, enjoy either our 150-foot flume or 125-foot tube water park slides, a great attraction for kids (48″ or taller) and adults.

  • Cantor River Island

    This oasis located in the center of the water park offers views of the whole park. Stay cool under our 20-foot-wide shade umbrellas and relax on lounge chairs for poolside fun.

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JCC Swim Lessons

Our private and semi-private swim lessons are for swimmers of all ages and abilities who are seeking personalized attention to meet their specific aquatics objectives. The J offers custom instruction and class time. Half-hour sessions are sold individually. Save more by purchasing a 5- or 10-session package.

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Therapeutic Aquatics Classes

The JCC offers group aquatics exercise classes in our 89°F Backer Therapy Pool.

  • Arthritis Foundation Aquatics Program
    • Aquajoints is a water exercise class to develop range-of-motion through gentle exercises in shallow water.
    • Fit Joints Plus is a water aerobics program that works on range of motion.

  • Ai Chi: Tai Chi adapted as a water exercise, a combination of deep breathing and slow, broad, controlled movements of the arms, legs, and torso, using water for added resistance.

Exercise Aquatics Classes

The JCC offers classes in its indoor Regenstrief Competition Pool for group aquatics exercise classes.

  • Aqua Jog: Builds strength by using water weights and dumbbells in the shallow end and doing aerobics by using a water jogging belt in the deep end.

  • Aqua Zumba: Tone the body with fitness moves and choreography set to music.

  • BOQUA: Boxing moves in the water using hand bars (called “boqs”).

  • Deep Water HIIT: A high-intensity interval training (HIIT) cardio workout in the deep end of the pool using foam hand weights and aqua jog belts.

  • Hi-Low Aqua: Great cardio workout using the resistance of the water while using a variety of equipment, including aqua jog belts, hand bars, and water weights designed for the pool (called “boqs”).

  • Rivercise Offered in the summer only in the Biccard Lazy River of the J’s water park. Participants walk and perform other water aerobics with and against the current.

Red Cross Courses

The J offers Red Cross courses for lifeguard certification, lifeguard review, adult and pediatric CPR/AED/First Aid and instructor certification.

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Special Interest Aquatics Programs

The JCC partners with organizations to offer classes that may be of special interest to those looking to enhance their aquatics practice.

The JCC partners with Indy Aquatics Masters to offer instruction for beginning swimmers ages 18 and older. Participants overcome their fear of the water and learn the basics to feel comfortable and safe in the water.

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  • SCUBA Diving provided by Indy Scuba for ages 10 and older.
    Discover Scuba – an introduction to find out what it’s like to breathe underwater without taking the plunge into a full certification course.
    Open Water Diver – a certification course of diving techniques and equipment.

  • Synchronized/Artistic Swimming provided by Indy Synchro for ages 6-99. A synchronized swimming/artistic swimming club that offers high-quality, professional coaching and technique instruction for all ages and abilities.

  • Indy Aquatic Masters Swim Club provided by Indy Aquatic Masters, an award-winning aquatic fitness program that promotes healthy lifestyles through the sport of swimming. Group meets Mon through Thu from 9-10:15 am year-round except for summer. For more information, visit

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