Adult Martial Arts Classes at the JCC Indianapolis

Adult Martial Arts Classes at the JCC Indianapolis

At the JCC dojang (school), learn Korean self-defense and combat disciplines Tae Kwon Do, the way of the foot and the hand, and Hapkido, the way of harmony at JCC Indianapolis. Practice traditional kicking and punching techniques in Tae Kwon Do, and try more advanced joint locks, grappling, and throwing in Hapkido, a form of Korean jiu jitsiu. Students must participate in Tae Kwon Do class to take Hapkido.

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Benefits of Adult Martial Arts

Adult Tae Kwon Do strengthens the body and the mind. While you learn practical self-defense skills with real-world applications (which hopefully you never have to use in those settings), you’ll also improve your focus.

What to Expect from Adult Martial Arts

Join the hundreds who have studied under Master Jean-Pierre. Some of his current students benefit from his sessions so much that they have continued taking the class for several years! All you need is a positive attitude and willingness to learn.

These self-defense classes for adults are held in the 4,264-square-foot, middle school regulation size Schloss Gymnasium.

Tae Kwon Do uniforms (typically called a dobok) are usually a plain white, v-neck, heavy cotton top with pants that have an elastic waist. The top is similar to a jacket, open in the front. It is tied together by a belt.

This style of clothing for Tae Kwon Do uniforms serves two purposes:

  1. Everyone is wearing the same clothing. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. Everyone is equal. The only thing that distinguishes one from another is the color of the belt.
  2. The top and pants are both comfortable and allow a lot of movement, a definite necessity of Tae Kwon Do to make practicing much easier.

If you do not have a dobok, you may wear loose clothing.

Belts are used not only for closing the top, but also for signifying your skill level. As you progress, you will get a new belt signifying your advancing skills as a practitioner. Beginners all start with a white belt.

Classes are twice a week, 6-8 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays (6-7 pm Tae Kwon Do, 7-8 pm Hapkido) for 12 weeks. Promotion tests to move up to the next Tae Kwon Do belt are given at the end of each session.

$329 / $254 for JCC Members. Classes must be paid in full at the time of registration. Try a class free before you commit!

All self-defense classes for adults can be purchased at the Welcome Desk, or purchase online now.

About Master Jean-Pierre Decaudin

Master Jean-Pierre Decaudin has been teaching adult martial arts for about 40 years, all but two of which have been at the JCC. Originally from France, he was motivated to make self-defense his career after seeing the 1974 Bruce Lee film Enter the Dragon. Aside from teaching adult Tae Kwon Do, he is retired, and is proud to have served the people of Indiana and the U.S. as part of the Indiana Guard Reserve.

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