Kids & Teens Aquatics Programs at the JCC Indianapolis

Kids & Teens Aquatics Programs at the JCC Indianapolis

The JCC Indianapolis is a proud provider of Starfish Swimming® lessons among its variety of Aquatics Programs for kids and teens. Starfish Swimming is a nationally and internationally recognized swim instruction and instructor certification program that uses innovative and effective teaching methods and has safety concepts built in at every level.

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Aquatics Classes & Programs

The greatest benefit to enrolling an infant or toddler in swim lessons is safety. With formal instruction, infants, toddlers, and their caretakers learn basic water safety. In addition, in our warm water therapy pool, the swim class provides a bonding experience that builds confidence for the child and the adult.

Starfish Swim School™ will develop a high comfort level in the water and readiness to swim. For children who are developmentally ready, it will teach functional swim skills. Our approach is to teach swimming through repetitive and creative activities in the water that are fun.

Starfish Swimming lessons are divided into swim instruction courses for preschoolers (ages 3-5) and swim instruction courses for youth (ages 6-12).

  • Levels 1-4 (White Stage, Red Stage, Yellow Stage, and Blue Stage) are offered for both age groups.
  • Stroke School Level 1 (White Stage) is offered for youth. Starfish Stroke School™ is for students who have achieved the Blue Swim School benchmarks, e.g., can tread water for at least 30 seconds.

For more about the different levels in our swim school, visit the pages linked above or see our curriculum chart and stage assignment matrix.

The JCC offers custom instruction and class time for swimmers of all ages and abilities seeking personalized attention to meet their specific aquatics objectives. Half-hour sessions are sold individually. Save more by purchasing a five- or 10-session book.

The JCC’s Starfish swim team welcomes swimmers at all levels who want to work on improving strokes and endurance while having fun! Youth as young as 5 can participate on a swim team, but typically swim team members are 8–12 years old. Swimmers learn teamwork, team building, social development, and self-confidence. For more, visit the JCC’s Starfish Swim Team page.

The JCC offers Red Cross courses for lifeguard certification, lifeguard review, adult and pediatric CPR/AED/First Aid certification, and instructor certification.

The JCC partners with organizations to offer classes that may be of special interest to those looking to enhance their aquatics practice.

  • SCUBA Diving provided by Indy Scuba for ages 10 and older. Discover SCUBA – an introduction to find out what it’s like to breathe underwater without taking the plunge into a full certification course, as well as open water dive – a certification course of diving techniques and equipment.
  • Synchronized/Artistic Swimming provided by Indy Synchro for ages 6-99. A synchronized swimming/artistic swimming club offering high quality, professional coaching and technique instruction for all ages and abilities.
  • Water Scout testing: The JCC is a proud partner with Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts as an approved location for Scouts to earn aquatics badges or complete swim testing for summer camp.

Our Pools

This indoor competition-sized pool offers adult lap swimming, swim lessons, aquatic aerobics, aquatic exercise classes, and various aquatic programming. Upgrades include a new air handling system and new deck and floor liner.

Our magic pool is the only pool in Indianapolis with an adjustable floor, making it possible to adjust the depth for toddlers, adults and anyone learning to swim. At 89°F, the water temperature is much warmer than a regular pool to help provide an easy introduction to water and to soothe and relax joints and muscles. This pool is used for many of our adult group aquatic exercise classes and by organizations working with children with special needs and those suffering from brain and spinal injury.

Our water park boasts 389,000 gallons of water and more than 71,000-square-feet of distinct swimming and picnicking areas.

Cohen Outdoor Competition Pool
Whether you’re swimming competitively, just learning, or looking to swim laps, this outdoor pool is open to all and is a refreshing respite from hot, humid Indiana summers.

Mordoh Zero-Depth Pool
Our zero-depth pool is perfect for infants and toddlers ages 6 and younger with interactive play features, a Star of David Splash Pad, and a 6-inch-deep Rainbow Pool for infants under 2 years of age.

Biccard Lazy River and Slides
A 300-foot-long water park lazy river makes the perfect leisurely ride through the heart of the water park. Plus, enjoy either our 150-foot flume or 125-foot tube water park slide, a great attraction for kids (48″ or taller) and adults.

Aquatics Are Central at the JCC

Aquatics and learning to swim are deeply rooted in Jewish values and culture. Our aquatics program is integral to our community center, and we have built and maintained an aquatics center consisting of indoor, outdoor, competition-sized, and therapeutic pools. Our love of aquatics and passion for aquatic exercise starts early with swim lessons offered to all ages beginning at 6 months with parent/baby classes, lessons for children, classes for adults, and we offer arthritis and therapy classes for those well into their 90s.

Visit our Schedules page for the of hours and activities for our aquatics center.

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