Youth Tennis Programs at the JCC Indianapolis

Youth Tennis Program at the JCC Indianapolis

If you’re looking for a youth tennis program that is fun for your child while at the same time challenges him/her/them at their level of play, then the JCC is your top choice. Our players have fun, improve their tennis skills and learn the importance of sportsmanship through a tennis program tailored to meet each player’s needs through drills, demonstrations, repetition, fun and games.

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What to Expect

  • Light-weight athletic clothes
  • Sports shoes (non-marking, light sole shoes)

Youth should bring a size-appropriate tennis racquet. The JCC has new and used youth racquets available for purchase. If you have questions, our tennis pro and staff will be happy to help. Please note that we no longer have demo racquets.

The JCC offers youth tennis lessons for ages 3-4, ages 5-8 and ages 9-10 and junior tennis leagues, lessons and programs for youth in middle school and high school.

To register for upcoming youth tennis lessons, leagues or programs, please use our online registration tool.

For youth tennis camp for grades K-8th grade, visit our Sports Camps page.

Youth Tennis Leadership Director of Tennis

Tennis Director Kimberly Shippy is a USTPR-certified Tennis Pro who builds and leads a team of skilled tennis professionals, coaches, and summer tennis camp counselors with a single mission: making tennis fun for players so they get exercise and learn tennis skills in the process. Her approach to teaching kids is based on her own experience of having access and having someone believe in you.

She didn’t come to be a tennis pro in the usual way of growing up playing. She’d not even begun to play until after college. That’s not to say she wasn’t athletic; she played competitively in many sports, including volleyball, softball, and basketball. She’d performed dancing –Hawaiian, tap, jazz, ballet–and was an accomplished equestrian competing in combined training events. It was in a chance encounter when someone welcomed her onto the courts that it was clear she had the potential to be good at tennis. Really good, working her way up the USTA ratings, competing in nationals as a player, a coach and a captain.

With energy and enthusiasm, she nurtures, inspires and celebrates the best in the kiddos in her programs, including her counselors who are mostly former students that she has developed.

Tennis for Adults

For Adult tennis leagues, lessons and programs, visit our Adult Tennis page.

Youth Sports are Key to Building Community

At the JCC, we believe youth participation in sports provides nurturing, educational and fun experiences that promote community, enhance spiritual growth, cultivate Jewish identity and foster lifelong friendships. With early childhood education, after school care programming and summer camp, a large portion of our members are families looking for enrichment opportunities for their children. We focus on skills development, sports, leagues and training for ages 3 through 16.

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