Youth Soccer Programs at the JCC Indianapolis

Youth Soccer Leagues at JCC Indianapolis

The JCC partners with JumpBunch® to provide indoor youth soccer for ages 4-6 and ages 7-11. JumpBunch® offers unparalleled variety and flexibility to keep kids moving! Traditional sports, skills conditioning, and active games for kids are all part of why your child’s best experience is at the J.

This program is not currently offered but may return if there is demand.

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What to Expect

Some of the specific drills are based around dribbling, kicking, passing and shooting. We will play several games to help enhance children’s soccer skills, while also building a sense of teamwork in a fun and safe environment.

  • Comfortable clothing like shorts or sweatpants and t-shirts are acceptable.
  • Since sessions are indoors in the gym, please wear gym shoes (not soccer cleats).

This program is not currently offered but may return if there is demand.

To register for upcoming youth fitness classes, visit our online registration tool.

Benefits of Sports

  • Inclusivity: JumpBunch® youth soccer league promotes a learning environment that encourages all children to play and participate. This instills confidence in each athlete allowing them to learn the sport and engage more with their coaches and teammates.
  • Practice makes progress, not perfection: During class, JumpBunch® youth soccer coaches do not focus or use language that promotes winning or losing. In turn, this allows children to build greater self-confidence and improve at their own rate. JumpBunch® embraces the notion that every child’s skill development is unique to them!
  • Skills Development: Children learn more than sports fundamentals. They also learn about gross motor skills, muscle development and nutrition through interactive activities and games. This unique approach to teaching allows coaches to communicate with children more efficiently in a playful language that children can understand.

About JumpBunch®

Founder Tom Bunchman launched JumpBunch® in 1997 to bring sports to young children in a fun, engaging way. Every aspect of JumpBunch has been carefully researched and developed to be both fun and beneficial to the development of young minds and bodies. For more information, visit the JumpBunch website.

Youth Sports are Key to Building Community

At the JCC, we believe youth participation in sports provides nurturing, educational and fun experiences that promote community, enhance spiritual growth, cultivate Jewish identity and foster lifelong friendships. With early childhood education, after school care programming and summer camp, a large portion of our members are families looking for enrichment opportunities for their children. We focus on skills development, sports, leagues and training for ages 3 through 16.

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