Indoor Cycling Classes at the JCC Indianapolis

Cycling Classes at the JCC Indianapolis


Come spin at JCC Indianapolis! Indoor cycling is a form of cardiovascular exercise delivered in a group setting that mimics road cycling featuring a specific style of stationary bike that’s commonly referred to as a spin bike, although Spinning and spin bikes are trademarked brand names.

Group Exercise Schedule

Indoor Cycling Benefits

    What was once viewed solely as an indoor training tool for serious cyclists now boasts mass appeal with beat-based choreography, killer playlists, and celebrity-like trainers whose clientele follow them from studio to studio. It’s a form of fitness that has serious staying power, not just because of its ability to morph with each new generation of fitness enthusiasts, but because it offers health-boosting results that keep participants coming back for more!

  • It’s Easy on the Joints

    Indoor cycling is a low-impact exercise that is easy on the joints and a great cardiovascular workout. You are less likely to suffer from hip, knee, and ankle injuries commonly associated with other cardio exercises because it is low impact.

    Even better, indoor cycling can improve joint function; the continuous motion is especially beneficial for knees because the constant full-range movement of your legs produces fluids that keep your joints lubricated.

  • Decreases stress

    Indoor cycling signals an adrenaline rush and endorphin release, proven to lower stress levels. While most exercise forms help with stress management, 40- to 60-minute cycling sessions are a quick and effective way to relieve stress and improve physical fitness. Once you’re in the zone, it’s hard to focus on anything other than keeping up with the instructor. It takes your mind off that rough day at work and makes you feel super accomplished when you finish your workout.

  • Burns Calories

    As evidenced by the sweaty shirts of many indoor cyclers post-ride, cycling is a great way to burn calories. Since cycling is so intense, many classes incorporate high-intensity interval training, which is thought to increase calorie burn post-workout. This bonus benefit means that cycling class is both a fast and effective cardiovascular workout.

  • Improves Strength

    Contrary to popular belief, a cycling class builds muscle strength without adding bulk. Like all other forms of cardio, indoor cycling recruits your whole body, not just your quads.

  • Provides a Sense of Community

    Group exercise classes like Indoor Cycling can help provide a sense of community. Research shows that group exercise lowers stress and improves emotional well-being while increasing social connectedness and mutual support. And with group exercise, you are more likely to keep up your new habit and keep coming back.

An Indoor Cycling Class Is Best Suited for …

  • Working professionals with limited time to exercise for maximum impact. Our indoor cycling classes are early morning, so you can check off your first accomplishment for the day.
  • Those looking for low impact but high aerobic cardio.
  • Those with joint pain or mobility issues, especially older adults, who want to keep active while avoiding pain.
  • Men and women, aged 55 and older. Cycling increases the strength and function of the muscles, ligaments, and bones that surround the joints, improving daily function, and helping keep older adults fit and active as they age.

What to Expect

It is best to wear tight-fitting bottoms (so as not to get caught in the spokes) and moisture-wicking tops. Cycling shoes are recommended for maximizing your workout but are not mandatory.

Our Cycling classes are free as a benefit of membership and are for JCC members only.

Check our Schedules page for group exercise dates and times, or mobile app for iOS or Android devices

Our indoor cycling studio is a boutique exercise room separate from and adjacent to the Mordoh Fitness Center. Totally immerse yourself in the cycling experience!

JCC Cycling Instructors

A lifelong resident of Indianapolis, Jim was “reorganized” in 2012 and reinvented himself into a “pre-retirement” career. He has been a member of the JCC Personal Trainer team since 2013. “I specialize in active older adults because I am one!” Jim believes it is never too late to get into shape and live life to the fullest. “I truly believe an active mind and body are the fountains of youth!” Jim also trains adolescents and young adults. As a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer, Jim has certifications in SilverSneakers MSROM, SilverSneakers Cardio Fit, Group Cycling, and Group exercise. “I keep fit to actively play with my five young grandchildren, not watch.”

Whether you are looking for an indoor cycling class for beginners, upping your game to serious fitness cycling, or racing bikes at any level, Laurel Hess looks forward to helping you as she has helped many riders before.

A successful racer herself, Laurel is a Level 3 certified USA Cycling Coach who holds several group exercise certifications. She earned a degree in Sports Management with a concentration in Health and Fitness so she could help others experience the joys of healthy, fitness-oriented, or competitive lifestyles. Having recovered from two serious accidents, Laurel is distinguished from other coaches by her experience being knocked down and rising again. She understands the frustration of needing to rebuild fitness or confidence after a setback.

Laurel started cycling as a young junior, beginning with her school fundraising Bike-a-Thon, three editions of RAGBRAI (ride across Iowa) and then joining her first cycling team at age 11. In her spare time, Laurel enjoys reading comic books. She and her husband, Eric, share a love for DC superheroes and even had a comic-book-themed wedding. She and her family love the outdoors, adventuring frequently during the year in their camper with their two dogs. Laurel enjoys early morning workouts while her family is still asleep, watching the sun hit the Indianapolis skyline as she drives to the gym, fresh coffee in hand.

Fitness Is a Core Jewish Value

At the JCC, fitness isn’t just something we do; it’s who we are. Although exercise is not mentioned in the Torah, taking care of one’s health is. In fact, while other belief systems advocate for the healing power of prayer, Judaism encourages people to look after their health and seek counsel from medical experts. In Judaism, good health is not a goal in itself; rather, it is a means to an end – to serve the Creator.

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