High Intensity Interval Training Classes at the JCC

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Classes at the JCC Indianapolis


JCC Indianapolis offers a group exercise High Intensity Interval Training classes. HIIT exercises are a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods to provide improved athletic capacity/condition as well as improved glucose metabolism.

Group Exercise Schedule

Benefits of HIIT

    HIIT not only provides the benefits of longer-duration exercise in a much shorter amount of time but also may provide some unique health benefits.

  • Burns Calories Faster: One study compared the calories burned during 30 minutes each of HIIT, weight training, running, and biking and found that HIIT burned 25–30% more calories. The participants exercised for only one-third of the time compared to the running and biking groups.
  • Higher Metabolic Rate: One of the ways HIIT helps you burn calories comes after you’re done exercising. Studies show that HIIT increases your metabolism after exercise more so than jogging or weight training. Additionally, HIIT shifts the body’s metabolism toward using fat for energy rather than carbs.
  • Reduces Blood Sugar: Studies show that HIIT not only reduces blood sugar but also improves insulin resistance more than traditional continuous exercise.

A HIIT Class Is Best Suited for …

    HIIT is great for all age groups: young, middle-aged, and older adults.

  • Working professionals, men, and women ages 24-55, who need to maximize their exercise in a short amount of time.
  • Adults with hypertension have large benefits from HIIT by lowering blood pressure and increasing cardiovascular fitness (oxygen consumption).
  • Men and women, ages 55-75 who are looking to improve cognitive function and flexibility.

What to Expect

It is best to wear lightweight clothing with wicking ability.

These classes are free as a benefit of membership and are for JCC members only.

Visit our Schedules page for days and times we offer HIIT classes, on land and water.

JCC HIIT Instructors

Kylie graduated cum laude from the University of Indianapolis with a Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Science, Pre-Physical Therapy, and a minor in Spanish. She is a certified ACSM CPT and has interned at National Institute of Fitness & Sports and BASEC Training. In addition, she has shadowed 100+ hours of physical therapy, from geriatrics to pediatrics. Currently, she is a head coach of a T.I. Volleyball 15 Elite team and plays volleyball recreationally. Kylie is prepared to serve her clientele with fun, research-based training. She will challenge your mind and body to help you discover a newfound love—your best self.

Claire is an ACE certified personal trainer as well as indoor cycle instructor, shallow water aquatics instructor, and group fitness instructor. She loves to take her versatility and turn it into fun, challenging workouts. She’s passionate about members gaining confidence and knowledge about the gym and exercising. If she’s not in the gym, she enjoys being outside, making art, and playing video games.

Ajah is an ACE certified group fitness instructor currently obtaining her PharmD at Purdue University. Ajah played 4 years of collegiate Women’s Basketball at Purdue where she learned the basics of weight, and cardio training. At Purdue she also hosted group fitness HIIT sessions while serving as an RA at an on-campus dorm. She loves to bring high energy, and fun into her classes and takes pride in creating a sense of community into her fitness sessions. When she is not engaging in fitness, Ajah enjoys spending time with friends and family, taking hikes, and tending to her plants.

Fitness Is a Core Jewish Value

At the JCC, fitness isn’t just something we do; it’s who we are. Although exercise is not mentioned in the Torah, taking care of one’s health is. In fact, while other belief systems advocate for the healing power of prayer, Judaism encourages people to look after their health and seek counsel from medical experts. In Judaism, good health is not a goal in itself; rather, it is a means to an end – to serve the Creator.

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