Infant Swimming Lessons at the JCC Indianapolis

Infant Swim Lessons at the JCC Indianapolis

The JCC Indianapolis is a proud provider of Starfish Swimming® lessons, a nationally and internationally recognized swim instruction and instructor certification program that uses innovative and effective teaching methods and has safety concepts built in at every level.

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StarBabies™ and StarTots™: Ages 6-36 months

Starfish Swim School classes are for children who are ready to swim. We start with blowing bubbles and water adjustment, progress to floating, kicking, and swimming on tummies and backs, and then to stroke improvement.

The purpose of this Mommy & Me or Parent/Tot-type course is to develop in infants and toddlers a high comfort level in the water while at the same time training the accompanying adult skills in water safety and drowning prevention. This course does not teach children to become accomplished swimmers or to survive in the water; it does provide a confidence-building, fun, and loving experience.

One adult must be in the water with each child.

Benefits of Swim Lessons for Infants/Toddlers

  • Safety: The greatest benefit of enrolling an infant or toddler in swim lessons is safety. According to the CDC, more children ages 1–4 die from drowning than any other cause of death except birth defects. Drowning can happen in seconds and is often silent. It can happen to anyone, anywhere there is access to water. With formal swim instruction, infants, toddlers, and their caretakers learn basic water safety.
  • Bonding: A parent or grandparent builds connection with their infant/toddler through undivided attention in a large pool where the water is warm like a spa or bath.
  • Confidence: As the adult gains skills in water safety, they become more confident in being with their child around water. Knowing what to do builds self-confidence. And a parent’s self-confidence is equally important to the infant/toddler’s development.

Starfish Swimming® Levels for StarBabies™ and StarTots™

The skills at each level prepare students to achieve certain benchmarks, but the skills do not need to be mastered before moving to the next level.

What to Expect

Please note that swim diapers and swimsuits for tots and babies are required.

In summer, classes are once or twice a week for four weeks; otherwise, classes are once a week for five or six weeks.

Use your best judgment as to how long it will take to get you and your child dressed for class; the classes do start at their scheduled time. Additionally, in the Backer Therapy Pool, the floor needs to be lowered to start the class at its scheduled time, so being there a couple of minutes early ensures that you are there at the start time.

This class is open to all children ages 6 months-3 years old and their grown-ups. Although helpful, it is not required that the adult knows how to swim.

Download the StarBabies and StarTots Curriculum Chart for more details.

Classes fill quickly, so it’s best to register early to secure a spot.

All swim lessons can be purchased at the Welcome Desk or online register using our online registration tool.

A minimum of three sets of parents/tots must be enrolled for a class to run, otherwise it may be canceled.

Cost varies per length of session; visit our online registration tool for more information.

If a class is canceled due to low enrollment, you may:

  • transfer into another class, space permitting.
  • request a credit (swim lesson credits expire one year after date of purchase), or
  • request a refund by the end of the first week ONLY.

Please be aware that there are no make-up classes or refunds due to participant absence.

Aquatics Are Central at the JCC

Aquatics and learning to swim are deeply rooted in Jewish values and culture. Our aquatics program is integral to our community center, and we have built and maintained an aquatics center consisting of indoor, outdoor, competition-sized, and therapeutic pools. Our love of aquatics and passion for aquatic exercise starts early with swim lessons offered to all ages beginning at 6 months with parent/baby classes, continuing with lessons for children and classes for adults, and we offer arthritis and therapy classes for those well into their 90s.

Visit our Schedules page for the of hours and activities for our aquatics center.

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