Tips for Successful Knee Rehab

David Berman Tips for Successful Knee Rehab

Meet David Berman

David Berman has been a member at the Indianapolis JCC since 1972 when he moved to Indianapolis after college. Prior to that, he was an 18-yr member in Louisville. He grew up at the JCC and says “the only place to be was at the J.” He even played on the JCC’s national basketball team in 1968!

His connection to the JCC runs in his family. His grandfather was president of the board of the Louisville JCC when they built their new center back in 1954 and David used to be on the Indianapolis JCC board. He currently is on the board of the Indianapolis Jewish Community Relations Council.

When to Decide It’s Time for Knee Replacement

Most people put off having knee replacement surgery until they are in so much pain, they have no other choice. For David, he knew it was time for surgery when he was unsure if his knee was going to lock up or buckle every time he took a step.

His other motivation was prompted by his son, who mentioned that he should have it done in enough time to be recovered so he will be able to enjoy his granddaughter’s bat-mitzvah in Israel where there will be lots of walking, often on uneven surfaces like cobblestone streets.

He had his left knee replaced in February 2022 and recovery has gone so well that he scheduled replacement for his right knee for August. For surgery, he was in at 5:30 am and back home by 2:30 pm and walking (with a walker, but walking!).

David’s Rehab Routine

Physical Therapy

David said one of the keys to his being able to recover well from his knee replacement surgery was the physical therapist his doctor, Dr. John Hur, recommended. He worked with the therapist before surgery to strengthen his muscles around the knee. He continued with physical therapy and now, nine weeks later, is going every other week.

Regular exercise

The other key to successful recovery is regular exercise. For David, he alternates between aquatics and land-based exercises. One day he jogs in the pool for an hour and the next, he’ll do a 1.5-mile walk, 35 minutes of stationary bike, 20 minutes on the elliptical and then leg presses and chair squats, four sets of 15 each.

More about David

  • He owns Berman Insurance Services.
  • As a longtime member of the J, he loves that “This (fitness center) is state-of-the-art,” he said. “It’s a clean facility with clean, new locker rooms. I give it an A+ +!”
  • David’s wife Karen was a teacher at Greenbriar Elementary for 30 years. Together, they have two daughters, a son, 6 grandkids and some grandpuppies.
  • Their favorite TV show is Yellowstone and now they love watching 1886, the prequel.