Do I Need a Personal Trainer?

(Published Jul 5, 2016)

Below are three case studies of JCC members who work with personal trainer, Javan Odinga. They shared with us why they started using a personal trainer and why they keep coming back.

Case Study 1: David C

After a 15-year hiatus from working out, David C. met with Javan. Based on David’s goals to lose weight and gain muscle, David now works out twice a week with Javan. On other days, he does cardio. He decided to work with a trainer because he knew he needed help getting and staying motivated. An additional benefit is that working out helps keep the symptoms of his degenerative disc at bay.

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Case Study 2: Marcy E

Marcy has been working with a personal trainer for more than seven years. She started because she wanted to stay strong and healthy as she aged. Recently, she found an additional benefit is that regular exercise helps build bone density. She works with Javan for an hour twice a week and for her regular exercise, walks every day. She’s developing arthritis in her hips so she also does about 20 minutes of stretching each day at home. She treats walking as serious business and coming to the JCC makes her walking “more official.” The conditions on the track are the same regardless of the weather. But she’s found that an important benefit is the people she’s met. When she was working, she exercised at 6 am and there were people she looked forward to then. Now, it’s fellow exercisers like Robert (aka “the Mayor”) and Cheryl who motivate each other and make it a pleasure to come to the JCC.



Case Study 3: Eleanor H

Eleanor has been working with a personal trainer for more than six months. After moving more than a year ago, she had stopped working out and needed some help getting re-started. She works with Javan twice a week on strength, balance and core. One day they work on the upper body and the other day they work on the lower body. Javan said that gives the body time to rest which is important when working out. The rest of the week, Eleanor mostly does stretches at home and “pushups,” she says and smiles at Javan as she adds, “not from the floor.” He says, “we’re working towards that.” She added, “I’m going backwards, getting younger.” The place where she lives has a walking trail and small gym, but they don’t have personal trainers. About the JCC, she says, “It’s great. I love it. I love Javan!”