Meet the Reckamp Family

Meet the Reckamp Family

(Published Aug 12, 2018)

The JCC is celebrating 60 years in its current location on Hoover Road. At every significant moment in an institution’s history, it’s good to stop and look back, then move forward purposefully in designing a path for the future. The JCC believes that path includes Investing In The Future, and over the next six days we will share six stories of just how we are doing that. Our goal is to pay it forward by providing support and resources, including a caring and safe environment, to our youngest program participants, and in the process help them develop into strong, healthy, productive and contributing adults.


When Jessica Reckamp and her husband moved to Indianapolis from St. Louis, they didn’t know anyone. They planned to stay two years, and move back. Fast forward eight years and the Reckamps are still in Indy. “After joining the JCC and really getting involved with the community, this is the reason we love Indianapolis so much. We’re here, you guys are stuck with us”.

Education Plus!

#“The fact there are so many activities for ECE kids to do, I think that’s been one of our most favorite things we share with our friends at different preschools,” Jessica said. “Our kids get swim lessons, tennis, gymnastics, dance. There’s a million things for them to do, so they have more education than just a school education. They’re doing all of these other things.”

Investing In The Future means the JCC works hard each year to raise funds. Two‐thirds of the operating budget come from Membership Dues and Program fees, but to maintain the high level of Early Childhood Education our kids deserve, we depend on donors like you who participate in special efforts like the 60/60 campaign, celebrating 60 years on Hoover Road with a donation of $1 per year, for $60.

The ECE is a Family

The Reckamps have become almost like family with the other ECE families, and they don’t ever want to break up. “We’re all still doing CampJCC. We want to have a place where everybody comes back together.”

Shout Out to JCC Staff

Jessica adores the JCC’s ECE staff and teachers. “They have been amazingly patient with me, [especially] when I was a new mom and asking them a million questions! Everybody is just so caring and it really is so much more than a daycare; it’s a whole community.”