Meet Sarah

(Published Aug 14, 2018)

The JCC values diversity and inclusiveness and welcomes all people regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, range of abilities or religion. Investing In The Future of our young people means providing them opportunities to create friendships with a diverse group of peers.

Need for Support Sarah M. is 12 years old, has been a member of the J her entire life, and has non‐verbal learning disability, a learning disorder that affects only about 1% of the population. Anxiety is very prevalent among children with this disorder, which means that Sarah likes a lot of structure and she does better with people she knows.

When facing a transition last year from sixth grade to junior high, at a new school, it was a no‐ brainer that she would spend her summer in Gesher, the middle school division at CampJCC.

Caring, Confidence and Comfort at CampJCC “When Sarah comes to camp the staff knows her. They provide a caring and nurturing environment for her,” Sarah’s mother Christy said. “Counselors and her peers accept her where she is at, yet encourage her to try new experiences.” Because of how comfortable she had been at CampJCC, Sarah’s transition to junior high went very smoothly, with little stress.

“I could see her gain confidence every week or even daily being here at the J,” Christy said. “She would talk more; she just felt comfortable, and I think that helped make the transition so much easier.”

Jewish Values Have Positive Impact Not only does the J instill confidence and provide a sense of comfort, but it also imparts values that are universal. “We’re not Jewish, but my kids are learning the values and taking those values out into their world. I think the values are so important that are taught here,” Christy said.

CampJCC’s core values include g’milut chasadim (acts of loving kindness), hachnasat orchim (welcoming guests), hoda’ah (appreciation), bal taschit (do not destroy), and tzedakah (justice and righteousness) and help prepare campers for life outside the J’s walls.

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