Meet Abby

(Published Aug 16, 2018)

The JCC knows future leaders are developed during the formative teen years. Exposure to leadership opportunities is critical to fostering a well‐rounded individual ready to venture out successfully on their own. Investing In The Future means the JCC gives teens a safe environment to challenge themselves with new projects and opportunities.

IU Student is Lifelong JCC Member Abby F. has been part of the JCC Indianapolis community her entire life. She began attending CampJCC as a kindergartener and completed the circle this summer when she served as a tennis camp counselor at the J.

Her JCC experiences were supported by people she didn’t even know, people like you who understand social service organizations such as the JCC cannot operate on member dues and program fees alone. Annual fundraising underwrites one third of the JCC budget each year and allows us to fully Investing In The Future by investing in young people like Abby.

The Impact of BBYO Ask Abby which JCC youth program currently has the most impact on her life, and she’ll likely say BBYO, the international Jewish teen youth group whose Indianapolis boys’ and girls’ chapters (Brae Sheath AZA and B’Yachad BBG respectively) are based at the J.

BBYO meetings are teen‐led, so serving on her chapter board gave Abby leadership experience she may not have otherwise gotten so early in life. She held positions ranging from Sunshine Girl (promoting chapter spirit, engagement and appreciation) to President, but her favorite role was that of S’ganit, or Vice President, which involved planning all chapter local events.

Serving as BBYO Regional Vice President Abby enjoyed her time as Indianapolis BBG S’ganit so much that in her junior year of high school, she ran for the Kentucky‐Indiana‐Ohio (KIO) regional board and was elected a regional vice president.

Today, Abby’s involvement in BBYO continues to impact her. She used to be shy and unwilling to speak to strangers or large groups, but through BBYO she became comfortable talking to just about anyone, and in college course presentations is consistently one of the strongest students.

The JCC makes these opportunities possible! Please Invest In The Future of our young people through the JCC’s 60/60 campaign; increase your impact and give $1 or more for each of the 60 years the J has been on Hoover Road!

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