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Adult Aquatics


Private Swim Lessons

Private and semi-private lessons are available during open swim times and are available to persons of all ages and abilities. Training is tailored to the individual’s aquatic objectives. Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance. Please pay at the East Desk and give the receipt to your instructor. Note: All swim lesson tickets expire one year after date of purchase.

Contact the Aquatics department at aquatics@jccindy.org to arrange for private or group swim lessons.

Private Lessons

Individual ½-hour session
$35 / $25 M

Ten ½-hour sessions
$300 / $200 M

Semi-Private Lessons

Individual ½-hour
2 participants: $40 / $35 M

Tenn  ½-hour sessions
2 participants: $350/ $300 M

*If more than 2 participants, contact JCC Indy Aquatics

Arthritis Foundation Aquatics Programs

Therapy pool is heated to 89°F (highest Arthritis Foundation will allow).
All participants are required to purchase a Water Movement pass from East Desk.
Try 1 class FREE before you buy!

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Aquajoints*/Aqua Pilates

Range-of-motion workout with gentle exercise in shallow water.

Fit Joints Plus*

Deep-water aerobic workout while working on range of motion.

*=Fee based class:
One class: $7 / $5 M
Ten class pass: $60 / $40 M

Ai Chi

Water Tai Chi, which utilizes the warm water and repetitive movements for relaxation and meditation.

Aqua Fit

By using the water’s unique buoyancy & resistance, this class is designed to ramp up your cardio, condition muscles and improve your core strength. We will be in chest deep water but no swimming skills are needed to participate. Regardless of your age, size, or fitness level, you can achieve very noticeable results very quickly!

Aquacize/Aqua Jog

Water weights/dumbbells and other tools utilized in the shallow end of the pool with cardio exercises in the deep end while utilizing a water jogging belt.

Hi-Low Aqua

Aqua boxing interval training. Great cardio workout with use of resistance boqs or gloves utilized so as to keep it as a no impact workout.
Alternating between shallow water interval exercises and deeper water cardio, this class works to both tone and trim. All exercises can be adjusted for ability and swimming level. Once you start, you’ll have so much fun that you won’t want the class to end!


First half of the class is relaxing yoga in the therapeutic water. The second half is gentle Pilates exercises that can be adjusted for abilities and levels.