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Three smiling, brown-haired girls in one-piece swimsuits standing with their arms around each other in front of the Cohen Outdoor Competition Pool at the Eskenazi Water Park

Youth Aquatics

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Learn-to-Swim lessons


USA Swimming Foundation/American Red Cross learn-to-swim classes are for children who are ready to swim. We start with blowing bubbles and water adjustment, progress to floating, kicking and swimming on tummies and backs and then to stroke improvement. There are no make-up classes or refunds due to participant absence.

Lessons will have 10 minutes between each group to allow for distancing and cleaning. Our instructors will be wearing face shields in the water. Please note that face masks are not allowed in the water (but you will need to wear face masks to/from the pool).

Parent/Tot Swim  |  6-36 months  Adult working with infant/toddler in the water
Level 1: Intro to Water Skills  |  For children with little to no swim experience
Level 2: Fundamental Aquatic Skills  For beginning swimmers who have some swim experience (must be comfortable with putting their face in the water repeatedly)
Level 3: Stroke Development  |  For children who can swim a little on their own (must be able to float on back for 15 seconds and swim five yards independently)
Level 4: Stroke Improvement  |  For children who need little to no assistance (must be able to swim 15 yards independently)
Level 5: Stroke Refinement  |  For independent swimmers not yet ready for swim team, but able to work on developing strokes in a small group setting (must be able to swim 25 yards of freestyle and elementary backstroke)

Please note: Scholarships are available for swim lessons for children ages 3 to 5 years old. The scholarships are made possible by Paula, Harry, Dani, Donald, Dorothy, Daniel, Anna, Jonathan and Sade on behalf of the Donald Etra Futures Fund. More information can be found on our Scholarships webpage.

Attention Apple users and others who may not be seeing this page display properly: Please click here to register for Group Swim Lessons on iOS. Disregard any error message you may see here.

Register for Group Swim Lessons

Attention Apple users and others who may not be seeing this page display properly: Please click here to register for Group Swim Lessons on iOS. Disregard any error message you may see here.

Register for Group Swim Lessons

JCC Swim Team

The JCC Swim Team welcomes swimmers at all levels. Swimmers work on improving strokes and endurance while having fun! Must be able to swim at least 25 yards unassisted with their face in the water. Program is now year-round and paid for by a monthly draft. Register at any time of year. Contact Nicole at or 317-715-9222 to register or to try one practice free before joining.

Tue and Thu  |  4:15-5 pm  |  $72 per month ($56 per month for JCC members)
Tue only  |  4:15-5 pm  |  $36 per month ($28 per month for JCC members)
Thu only  |  4:15-5 pm  |  $36 per month ($28 per month for JCC members)

In the summer, on days of swim meets, there is no practice. Meets begin at the scheduled practice times and will be inner squad meets located at the outdoor lap pool, weather permitting.

Private and Semi-Private lessons

Please Note: There is currently a wait list for lessons. To reserve your spot, please contact Renae at to provide payment and availability details. If we are unable to schedule you or you no longer wish to wait, you will receive a refund.

Private and semi-private lessons are available during open swim times and are available to swimmers of all ages and abilities (children under age 3 must have a parent/guardian in the water with them). Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance. Lessons are scheduled and paid for via the MindBody website or the MindBody app. To arrange for lessons, please contact JCC Indy Aquatics at

Private and semi-private lessons are held as follows: 

  • Instructors will be wearing face shields while in the water.
  • Parents no longer need to be in the water with children who cannot stand flat-footed with their chin above water in water that is 4 feet deep.
  • Thus, private and semi-private lessons will no longer be socially distant unless requested.


Individual 1/2-hour session:
$35 / $25 Members

Ten 1/2-hour sessions:
$300 / $200 Members


One 1/2-hour session:
Each child: $23 / $18 Member

Ten 1/2-hour sessions:
Each child: $200 / $150 Member

*2-3 children. For more than 2 children, contact Aquatics at

Note | All swim lesson tickets expire one year after date of purchase.

SCUBA Diving (Ages 10+)

Discover Scuba: Try scuba to see if you like it, and find out what it’s like to breathe underwater without taking the plunge into a certification course. This quick and easy introduction will teach you how to use scuba equipment in shallow water. Learn more and fill out the medical waiver.

Open Water Diver: Learn diving techniques and equipment usage and explore life underwater with Indy Scuba! Participants will receive PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) Scuba Certification.

Register for either option at


Water Scouts

In Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts? Come to the J to earn aquatics badges or complete swim testing for summer camp! Contact Nicole to make your reservation. $15 per Scout (minimum 5 children).

When to be at a class? Use your best judgement as to how long it will take you to get changed; the classes do start at their scheduled time (for classes in the Backer Therapy Pool, the floor will be lowered to start the class at its scheduled time, so it is recommended to be there a couple of minutes early to ensure that you are there at that time).

How do I buy a punch pass? All punch passes and lesson passes can be purchased at the Welcome Desk.

Note | All swim lesson credits expire one year after date of purchase.