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Pool & Water Park Hours

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Reservations are NOT needed for members to access open swim or water fitness classes (in either the Regenstrief Indoor Lap Pool or Backer Therapy Pool, the latter as of Mar 8, 2021).

However, reservations ARE NEEDED for lap swim in the Regenstrief Indoor Lap Pool (maximum capacity of 75 people at any one time. This includes the lifeguard, instructors, coaches and those on the deck).

Sign-ups become available 48 hours in advance of each time slot. If there is a time slot that appears to be missing, it is because that time is not yet available.

Water fitness equipment will be available. As of Mar 15, 2021, swimmers no longer need to disinfect equipment used for lap swim or water fitness classes, as the CDC has found that the chlorine in the pool does a good job of this on its own.

Current Pools Schedule


Backer Therapy Pool 

Classes in the Backer Therapy Pool are capped at 18 per class (maximum capacity is 20 people at any one time, including lifeguards, instructors, coaches and those on the deck as well as those in the water).


Regenstrief Natatorium

Water aerobics classes have resumed with social distancing.

No reservations are required for water aerobics classes or open swim; however, SignUpGenius reservations are required for lap swimming. Sign-ups for lap swim become available 48 hours in advance of each time slot. If there is a time slot that appears to be missing, it is because lap swim is not available at that time. Please note your lane number when signing up.

We allow, even encourage, those from the same household to reserve 1 lap lane and share. Beginning Sat, May 1, half of the available lap lanes will allow two swimmers per lane (from any household, beginning at opposite ends of the pool), and the other half will remain for one swimmer only.

Sign up for Lap Swim


For program descriptions, see the Adult Aquatics and Youth Aquatics pages.

Eskenazi Water Park

The Eskenazi Water Park has different areas:

  • Cohen Outdoor Competition Pool
  • 300-foot Biccard Lazy River
  • Two water slides
  • Mordoh Zero-Depth Pool for infants and toddlers.

Eskenazi Water Park Hours

The Eskenazi Water Park opens for the season on Sat, May 29.

Please Note: The Eskenazi Water Park closes 15 minutes prior to the building closing to allow time for showering and changing. We close the water park whenever we hear thunder or see lightning and keep the park closed for 30 minutes after the last thunder was heard or lightning seen. Based on the time of day and radar, we make a determination whether a full closure is necessary. During the season, the Eskenazi Water Park Facebook Group will be updated with alerts.

Eskenazi Water Park boasting 389,000 gallons of water and over 71,000 square feet of play area, this complex has an attraction to keep every family member happy.

  • Mordoh Zero-Depth Pool Perfect for infants and toddlers, this pool is great for splashing.
  • Adolph Biccard Lazy River, A 300 ft long lazy river makes the perfect leisurely ride around the water park.
  • Water Slide – Enjoy either our 150 ft flume or 125 ft tube slide, a great attraction for kids and adults.
  • Dan & Katy Cantor River Island – Stay cool under our umbrellas and relax on comfortable furniture next to the pool fun.
  • Shirley & Herbert Backer Therapy Pool – Our “Magic pool” is great for children learning to swim and is also used for many of our adult aquatic group exercise classes.
  • Alan & Linda Cohen Competition Pool – Whether you’re swimming competitively, just learning or looking to swim laps, this pool is open to all.

Pool Rules

Pool Rules

COVID-19 Guidelines

Pool Rules

For Everyone’s Safety and Enjoyment

Eskenazi Water Park

  1. Health code requires swimmers to shower with soap before entering the pool. Swimmers must shower with soap again after using the bathrooms.
  2. Appropriate swim attire is required. Suits without a liner, athletic shorts or cutoffs are not permitted.
  3. People with open sores and contagious skin conditions are not permitted in the pools.
  4. People who have had diarrhea in the past two weeks may not enter the pools.
  5. Children who are not toilet trained must wear swim diapers.
  6. Adults must remain within arm’s reach of children who cannot swim.
  7. Children under 12 must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or other responsible adult at all times.
  8. Your safety is our lifeguards’ priority. Please follow their instructions.
  9. Floatation devices must be Coast Guard approved or approved by a JCC manager.
  10. Food is permitted in designated areas only.
  11. Only plastic bottles of water are allowed on the pool deck.
  12. Please refrain from running, rough playing, spitting, spouting water through the mouth or nose, blowing the nose or other similar behavior.
  13. All steps and ladders are for entering and exiting the pools only.
  14. The required height to ride the large slides is 48 inches. Rides will be sent one at a time by the lifeguard on duty.

Additional rules may be implemented to ensure your safety.

The JCC’s Pool Rules have been established in accordance with the Indiana State Department of Health and Marion County Health Department.  Failure to comply with these rules may result in removal from the facility and possible membership suspension.