Staff & Board

Board of Directors

Officers 2017-18
Keith Pitzele, President
Brian Modiano, President-Elect

Vice Presidents
Sharyl Goldberg Border
Jeff Kosc
Rebecca Miller
Brian Modiano
Jason Rich

Board Members
Benjamin Abraham
Jeffrey Adams
Sharyl Goldberg Border
Art Felsher
Rachel Gershman
Susan Haskell
Brita Horvath
Rachel Modiano Johnson
Marshall Kahn
Jeff Kosc
Lynn Levy
Rebecca Miller
Brian Modiano
Erin Mundy
Kent Newton
Amanda Pitzele
Keith Pitzele
Eric Ratner
Jason Rich
Willaine St. Pierre Sandy
Sandy Schwarz
Adrianne Slash
Richard Weiss
Timothy Yuckman


Chief Executive Officer
Eric H. Koehler
   317-251-9467 ext. 2201

Executive Assistant
Ally Weiss
   317-715-9204 ext. 2204

Director of Human Resources
Nancy Riddle-Mills
   317-251-9467, ext. 2284


Sports, Fitness & Recreation and Membership

General Manager, Fitness & Member Services
Todd Landwehr
   317-251-9467, ext. 2271

Director of Racquet Sports
Jason Suscha
   317-251-9467, ext. 2232

Health & Wellness Program Coordinator
Mike Melton
   317-715-9226 ext. 2226

Head Trainer
Javan Odinga
   317-251-9467 ext. 2309

Director of Health & Wellness
Katherine Matutes, PhD
   317-251-9467, ext. 2238

Assistant Director of Racquet Sports
Kim Shippy
   317-251-9467, ext. 2268

Director of Aquatics
Rachel Horan
   317-251-9467, ext. 2252

Assistant Director of Membership
Talia Avisror
   317-251-9467, ext. 2255

Wellness School Manager
Ashley Zeller
   317-251-9467, ext. 2311

Early Childhood Education, Youth & School-Age

Director of Early Childhood Education
Erin Mills
   317-251-9467, ext. 2215

Assistant Director of Camp & Youth Services
Chyanne Lopez
   317-251-9467, ext. 2234

Assistant Director of Early Childhood Education
Erica Johnson
   317-251-9467, ext. 2282
School-Age Services Program Coordinator & BBYO City Director
Roz Knapp
   317-251-9467, ext. 2217

Arts & Education

Director of Arts & Education
Lev Rothenberg
   317-251-9467, ext. 2233

Arts & Education Program Coordinator
Lisa Freeman
   317-251-9467, ext. 2240



Senior VP of Advancement
Martha A. Karatz
   317-251-9467, ext. 2209


Chief Financial Officer
David Nidiffer
   317-251-9467, ext. 2231

Accounts Payable Specialist
Ruth Enas
   317-251-9467, ext. 2202


Assistant Controller
Craig Ervin
   317-251-9467, ext. 2212

 Shared Services (JCC/JFGI): Marketing

Director of Marketing
Lisa Waite
   317-251-9467, ext. 2216

Content Creator & Editor
Hanna Fogel
   317-251-9467, ext. 1532


Visual Communications Manager
Andrew Eberwine
   317-251-9467, ext. 2211

Graphic Designer
Sam Deddens
   317-251-9467, ext. 2008

Shared Services (JCC/JFGI): Facility Operations

Director of Facility Operations
Bob Stedron
   317-251-9467, ext. 2285

Housekeeping Supervisor
Valerie Heller
   317-251-9467, ext. 2256

Food Services

Food Services Director
Christine Woodward
  317-251-9467, ext. 2230

J Café Manager
Channing Shrock
  317-251-9467, ext. 2272

Assistant Food Services Director
Arric Thomas
   317-715-9203 ext. 2230

Facility Rentals

Events & Rentals Coordinator
Rita Jordan
   317-715-9203 ext. 2206