Jewish Community Center

JCC Payment Contract

We’d love for you to save 3% on your membership by switching to a bank draft (no external credit card fees, so when the J saves, you save). To switch your payment method, please see the Welcome Desk, download and print a payment contract here, or change your account settings in Daxko (see screenshots below for a step-by-step guide).

If you are registered for additional JCC programs, we ask that you please consider helping all of us save on credit card fees by switching to a bank draft there as well.   

Step 1: Log in to your Daxko Account
Step 2: Under “My Account,” click “View Account”
Step 3: Under “Membership Billing Info,” click “Add Payment Method”
Step 4: Select “Bank Account EFT,” fill in the fields, and be sure to select “Yes” under “Would you like to make this your primary billing method”. Click “Submit,” then delete your old credit/debit billing method, and you’re done!

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