Bodybuilder Lands at JCCindy

18 Years of Personal Training Experience on Three Continents

(Published Jan 4, 2016)

Born and raised in Kenya, Javan Odinga is a Hoosier by marriage. “I was living in Qatar, my wife was in the U.S. and my son in Kenya,” Odinga says. “My favorite activity is spending time with family because we’re now all in the same place.” Once in Indianapolis, Odinga chose the JCC because he liked the values/beliefs stated on the website. “The equipment is amazing. It’s like night and day with other facilities I looked at,” he said.

Odinga is an A.C.E. certified personal trainer and A.F.A.A. certified group instructor. He developed a passion for the world of fitness and bodybuilding in the early 90s. He has 18 years of personal training experience on three continents: Africa (Kenya), Asia (Qatar), and North America.

A competitive bodybuilder, Odinga won his first National Amateur Bodybuilding Association competition in the US in Chicago in July 2015. He was first runner up for Mr. Africa in 2010 and hopes to do another U.S. competition in January 2016. Odinga’s workout regimen is muscle isolation exercises. But as a personal trainer, he works with clients on their goals and what they want to achieve. “Not everyone wants to be a bodybuilder. I design exercises based on what the client wants,” he said. He specifically loves working with those who want to lose weight, athletes, body builders, and the elderly.

A little about Odinga

  • Favorite Restaurant: loves to cook at home. His favorite dishes are those with salmon, tilapia or crab accompanied with cucumber, green pepper or spinach.
  • Favorite Thing about Indianapolis: not so congested and that there are a lot of parks and places to bikeride
  • Favorite TV Show: Law & Order