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The JCC Pilates program will help you get to the core of the matter with this complete training method pioneered by Joseph Pilates. Our certified instructors lead you through a program that emphasizes quality, mindful movement. We offer both group mat classes and private sessions on the reformer. Pilates can help you develop balance & symmetry, improve flexibility & coordination and enhance lower back mobility.

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Mat Classes

Pilates Mat classes are FREE to our members.

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Barre/Pure Pilates

Begin the class with standing ballet barre exercises and end with the hard-core exercises of Joseph Pilates. (Intermediate/Advanced levels)

Basic Fundamentals

A gentle and effective use of the methodology of Joseph Pilates, empahasizing control, centering, fluidity, precision and breath. (Beginner level)

Better Bones & Balance

Modified mat exercises safe for those with suspected or diagnosed osteopenia or osteoporosis. Increase strength of vulnerable areas and improve posture and balance. (Beginner/Intermediate levels)

BOSU®, Balls, & Balance

Utilizes the BOSU® half-dome and the stability ball to focus on challenging stabilizer muscles used in balance exercises. (Advanced level)

Core & More

Core strengthening with emphasis on improved posture and body awareness using props. (Intermediate level)


Combine the power, speed and agility of boxing with the sleek core work of Pilates in this cardio endurance class appropriate for all levels. You will learn ways to address forward head placement and hunched shoulders. Stretching will also be emphasized. (Intermediate level)

Pilates Posture & Stretch

Strengthen muscles to stand tall in this class emphasizing head placement, hunched shoulders and stretching. (Intermediate level)

Pilates Reformer

The JCC’s certified Pilates instructors offer flexible hours and a variety of workouts on the Allegro Tower of Power Reformer. Work one-on-one or in a duet, trio or quartet to improve strength, flexibility, posture and overall body tone. If you’re new to Pilates, two private sessions are required before you can join a duet, trio or quartet. Half-hour sessions are great for building muscle stamina and mobility for active adults. If mat classes are difficult because you have trouble getting up and down from the floor, then the Reformer is for you!

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These services are for JCC members only.

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Anita Hernandez
Director of Sports & Fitness Services