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Shirley and Harry Morgan Tuition Assistance Fund

A Simcha in Honor of Claire’s Grandparents

Claire and Zach are celebrating their special day by asking that in lieu of gifts for them, donations be made to the Shirley and Harry Morgan Tuition Assistance Fund to provide financial assistance for children, Jewish or not, to attend full-day camp and/or the J’s preschool education program. For more about Claire’s grandparents, pictured above with children David and Susan, see below.

In 2021, more than 20 children were able to attend Camp JCC. To get free swim lessons and daily fun time in the Eskenazi Water Park. To explore the woods on our nature trails throughout our 40-acre campus. To have a safe space to play basketball and make lasting friendships in our after school care program.

This year, your gift of:

  • $65 provides one day of camp to a child in Kindergarten through 7th grade
  • $275 provides a week of camp to a child in need
  • $550 allows a child and his/her friend to attend a week of camp together

Fun fact: gifts in multiples of $18 are the traditional monetary gift in Judaism. The Hebrew letters for “chai,” or life, add up to 18.

To Donate

Donations may be by mailing a check to:

  • Arthur M. Glick JCC
  • c/o Accounting
  • 6701 Hoover Rd
  • Indianapolis, IN 46260

Please write “Morgan Fund” in the memo area.

Or donate online by clicking the button below.

  • For “Dedicate this donation” select “In Honor Of” and type in Claire and Zach
  • Skip selecting a campaigner

The JCC will notify the couple of your gift.
Donate Now

About Shirley and Harry Morgan

For Shirley and Harry Morgan and their children, siblings, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren, the JCC has been a second home for generations—literally, as the family grew up just across the street on Oakwood Trail.

The kids all went to the JCC’s ECE program and day camp, played basketball and softball, and especially loved swimming and diving—one went on to win the state diving title and even met his wife when they were both JCC lifeguards.

The Morgan family appreciated that the JCC was, and is, a safe place for kids, and were keenly aware that not all families are able to take advantage of the JCC and its resources.

While the fund has been generously endowed by the family of Shirley and Harry Morgan, others may contribute.

Todah Rabah (thank you)!

On behalf of the couple and the more than two dozen children who will be able to enjoy summer at the Eskenazi Water Park, making new friends in our after school care program and exploring nature in the woods of our 40-acre campus, we thank you.