Locker Room Renovation

In response to member feedback, the JCC is pleased to announce that renovation began in November 2017 on the men’s and women’s locker rooms. The overhaul is expected to be complete prior to summer camp season. Both locker rooms as well as the girls’ locker room and downstairs Pilates Reformer studio will be unusable during construction; they will be gutted and totally redesigned. The changing rooms at the south of the building (leading to the Eskenazi Water Park) will become locker rooms throughout this time period.


When will these changes take place?
The changing rooms at the south of the building leading to Eskenazi Water Park will be upgraded beginning the week of November 20 to accommodate increased traffic during the renovation. Beginning the week of November 27, the Men’s, Women’s and Girls’ locker rooms as well as the downstairs Pilates Reformer Studio will be closed and under construction.

How long will it take?
The renovation and upgrade is expected to be complete prior to summer camp season.

What will be new with the renovation?
The spaces have been completely redesigned and will be more comfortable (brand new HVAC for temperature and humidity control), more user-friendly (there will be larger, and more, lockers) and better designed (showers will have individual drains). After the renovation, we will have three family changing rooms so that children of the opposite gender may remain with moms and dads regardless of age.

Why are the locker rooms being renovated?
The locker rooms are about 20 years old. In response to member feedback, plans have been in the works since about 2006, but it wasn’t until recently that funding was lined up thanks to the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis and their campus-wide strategic planning effort.

Where will the whirlpool, sauna and steam room be?
Sauna and steam rooms will be improved and located in the new locker rooms. A task force has been formed to study whirlpools.

Will I be able to get a massage?
During the renovation, massages will be available in a room just west of the women’s changing room, at the end of the hallway that is between the renovation and small gym. Both men and women will be using the massage room so you will need to be clothed traveling to and from the room. The permanent location for the massage room(s) has not been determined.

What is this going to cost?
The renovation is expected to cost $1.5 million.

Will my membership dues go up?
Any increase in membership dues will not be because of the locker room renovation.

Who decided the configuration and materials for the renovation?
Former JCC board chair Barbara Levy led a team of committee members from the board, the community and the staff. They spent a considerable amount of time over the past two years, assessing needs, looking at best practices and meeting with architects, interior designers, users and staff to develop the configuration.

Will I be able to continue renting a locker in the interim?
The men’s and women’s changing rooms do not have as many lockers as the current locker rooms. In order to accommodate everyone who is here at different times of day, locker rentals have been suspended.

The Walls are Going Up
As you can see in the series of photos to the right, the walls are beginning to take shape!

Check out the new and improved floor plans!


Also check out these renderings and see what we can expect from our new locker rooms!
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