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Photo by Pamela Jackson

JCC Tennis Shows Sportsmanship at Sectionals

(Published Aug 7, 2015)

One of the great things about working at the JCC is I get to meet some incredible kids who are not only gifted athletes, but super people as well. I was really excited this summer because two of our Junior Tennis teams—our 12 & Under and 10 & Under—qualified for sectionals. And they played spectacularly.

The first day, we had a rough start against Chicago. But, we rallied and beat Columbus handily with a record of 29W-16L. We had a narrow defeat to Bloomfield by 4 games . We were oh-so-close to winning the whole sectional as Bloomfield ended up being the overall winner.

A huge shout out to two of our kids for doing us proud by receiving The Sportsmanship Award—Marquis Willingham for 10 & Under and Laura Janetta for 12 & Under. And a big thanks to the team, not just the kids, but their parents, too. It was a good end to a great season.

Jason Suscha
JCC Director of Racquet Sports


Photo by Maurice Willingham
Marquis won the Sportsmanship Award for 10 & Under at Junior Tennis Sectionals. Photo by Maurice Willingham.
Photo by Leslie Ruegsegger
Laura J. won the Sportsmanship Award for 12 & Under at Junior Sectionals. Photo by Leslie Reugsegger.

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