Group Exercise Classes

As of October 2021, JCC members may attend unlimited yoga (and Pilates) classes for $40 per month (except for Yoga Basics, which is FREE), or you may drop in for $12 per class. Find class times of the following classes on our Group Exercise Schedule.

Vinyasa Yoga

Synchronize breath with movement through an active sequence of sun salutations and postures. The continuous flow, with an emphasis on proper alignment, increases endurance and will help you find the edge of your balance and flexibility.

Power Yoga

A vigorous, fitness-based approach to vinyasa-style yoga with an emphasis on strength and flexibility.

Yoga for Energy

In addition to improving sleep quality, relieving stress and anxiety and improving overall physical health, yoga can also be an excellent natural energy-booster.  Active poses that stimulate the blood flow through the body — particularly those that gently stretch the spine — can help combat fatigue and boost feelings of vitality, and might also help to counter some of the effects of long periods of sitting.

Restorative Yoga for Stress Relief

By holding gentle poses for 7–10 minutes, you may be able to lower blood pressure and heart rate. Restorative yoga will leave you with an overall sense of calm and well-being.

Half and Half Yoga

Half deep stretching and half strength

Yoga Basics

The perfect introduction for yoga beginners or an essential foundation for seasoned yogis.  Delight in this no frills, gentle practice as we focus on cornerstone poses and breathing exercises.  Utilize steadiness and ease to remember the body’s innate strength, stability, and most importantly joy.  All levels welcome.

Private Yoga

Beginning May 2022, rates are as follows:

Single$65$42 per person$33 per person$30 per person$33$21 per person$17 per person$15 per person
Save! 5-pack$315$200 per person$155 per person$135 per person$158$100 per person$78 per person$68 per person
Best Value! 10-pack$600$370 per person$280 per person$250 per person$300$175 per person$145 per person$125 per person

Also as of May 1, the JCC has switched from MindBody to Daxko for all wellness services. Make all your purchases in one system, using the card the JCC already has on file for you. Just sign in to your Daxko account, search for your program and register.

Daxko Login Tips:

  • Use the email address or phone number associated with your JCC membership account
  • Follow the prompts to log in or reset your password
  • If you get locked out or if your email is tied to multiple accounts, call the Welcome Desk at 317-251-9467 or email