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Hand in Hand Fundraising Campaign

JCC Indianapolis

Campaign Extended Through August 30th!
Hand in Hand
Matching funds mean you double your donation!
Maximize your gift today and check back to watch us reach our goal!
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How To Help

JCC Indianapolis Donate $60

$60 supports things like…$60
A day of camp or one School’s Out day at JCC for one child

JCC Indianapolis Donate $180

$180 supports things like…$180
Science kits for 7 classrooms

JCC Indianapolis Donate $360

$360 supports things like…$360
One week of tennis camp for a child

The Hand in Hand Campaign

Life can change in an instant, and often when you least expect it. The Halston and Jameson families (real families at the J whose names have been changed) know this firsthand. Thanks to the scholarship program at the J, these two families and others like them are able to hold on to a sense of normalcy as they adjust to their shifting realities. Your gift today will help grow the scholarship fund and directly help families like the Halstons, the Jamesons and others who are immigrants, single parents, have experienced homelessness, or are otherwise struggling.

A $60 donation could support families in need by providing:

  • Five group swim lessons for one child
  • One child a day at CampJCC or School’s Out
  • One month of membership for a single adult or senior couple

All donations up to $30,000 total will be matched, so your gift will be doubled!

Thank You To Our Supporters

  • Anonymous (6)
  • Cash donations (cash box at the Welcome Desk – $142.53)
  • Linda and Jon Abels
  • Diane and John Abrams
  • Joshua Abrams
  • LJ Abrams
  • Anne and Jeff Adams
  • Miriam and Jeff Ader
  • The Arent Family
  • Janatha Ashton
  • Katie Askey
  • Alan Atlas
  • Pete Baldwin
  • Doug Bebee
  • Meredith Beck
  • Valerie Becker
  • Nancy and Bradley Bell
  • Tanja and Richard Bendixon
  • Janine and Alan Bercovitz
  • Sofia and Lyla Blair
  • Kelli and Jeremy Block
  • Laura Bohnert
  • Sharyl Goldberg Border
  • Katy and Dan Cantor
  • Linda Cantor
  • Chelsea and Alex Cantu
  • The Casey Family
  • Kristina Chandler
  • Don Childers
  • Chuck Cohen
  • Dona and Larry Cohen
  • Jack Cotlar
  • Erica Crowell
  • David Dawson
  • Ilana and George Debikey
  • Thomas Dolan
  • Sharon and Jay Doner
  • Jamie and Dan Drewry
  • Claudette and Larry Einhorn
  • Leslie Elliott in memory of Kevin Elliott
  • Ruth Enas
  • Craig Ervin
  • Anne Evanega
  • David Fang
  • Gigi Marks Felsher and Art Felsher
  • Sharyn Cowan Feuer
  • Rebecca Fitterling
  • Ann Foisy
  • Hanna Fogel
  • Ellen Gabovitch and Les Morris
  • Phyllis and Ed Gabovitch
  • Robert Garelick
  • Samir Ginde
  • Linda and Elliott Gold
  • Paula Goldberg
  • Kim and Mike Goletz
  • Jim Gould
  • Marina and Leo Grabovsky
  • Frank Green
  • Melissa Greives
  • Mary and Mark Grove
  • Sarah Hafley
  • Abby Hall
  • The Harp Family
  • Deborah Hilton
  • Sheldon Hirst
  • Carol Isaacson
  • Amber Jedamzik
  • Emily Johnson
  • Erica and Derrick Johnson
  • Rachel Modiano Johnson
  • Shelley and Marshall Kahn
  • Tod Karpinski
  • Ronnie Katz
  • Katz, Sapper & Miller (a company match for a donation from the Wipper’s)
  • Stacy Kelley
  • Jayne Kercheval
  • Andy Kleiman
  • David Kleiman
  • Sandy and Eric H. Koehler
  • Tammy Hopkins Kramer
  • Audrey Kurzawa
  • Jane and Howard Lefkowitz (in honor of Helen Lefkowitz)
  • Barbara Leventhal
  • Barb Levy
  • Lynn Levy
  • Nancy Lorenzano
  • Diane Lutz
  • Alan Meltzer
  • Hillary and Kevin McCarley
  • Sue Michael and Bill Petranoff
  • Rebecca Miller and Michael Bernstein
  • Erin and Elliott Mills
  • Nancy and Don Mills & Family
  • Ellen and Brian Modiano
  • Thomas Mulhern
  • The Mundy Family
  • Anitra Myrick
  • Tammy and Alex Nelson
  • Kent Newton
  • John Parente
  • Camila and Jaksa Pejnovic
  • Jill and Fred Pinch
  • Rae Pitzele
  • Rita and Keith Pitzele
  • Sarah and Eric Ratner
  • Nancy Reiter
  • Eric Renkens
  • Jamie and Jason Rich
  • Laura Rich and Jason Boyewsky
  • Myra Weiss Riley
  • Matt Rubin
  • Susan St. Angelo
  • Gayle Sanders
  • Nancy and Larry Sayre
  • Elliott Schankerman
  • Jim Schwarz
  • Sandra Schwarz
  • Amy and Todd Sermersheim
  • Travis Sexson
  • Anne Shane
  • Colleen and Mark Shere
  • Kim Shippy
  • Sarah and Ryan Showalter
  • Ellen and Jerry Simon
  • Mindy Simon
  • Marcia and Bruce Sklare
  • Franci and Michael Skolnick
  • Adrianne Slash
  • Lynn Slivka
  • Rebecca Stanovich
  • Louis Star
  • Bob Stedron
  • Julie Stogsdill
  • Michael Tamaddoni
  • Tegna, Inc. (a company match for a donation from the Ratner family)
  • Amy Unterfranz
  • Susan Vinicor
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  • Lisa Waite
  • Candace and Bruce Walker
  • Alison and Justin Walton
  • Scott Weaver
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  • The Zeff Weiss Family
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  • Hannah and Michael Wipper