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Why Donate?

JCC: What Happiness Is!

Your JCC…Your Community…Your Family

Like a family, the JCC is always here when you need it most. The JCC is truly a home for the Jewish community and, by extension, a second home to all those who share its values. Our JCC is a place where happiness, in all its many forms, takes place daily. Children are cared for in a safe and loving space, seniors share meals and classes, deep friendships are formed. It draws our community in and, like a family, sees to its needs.

The JCC is a home away from home and always has been for my family and me. I’m very proud of what’s going on today. The JCC is what happiness means to me.

-Steve Weinberg, JCC member

Our Needs

Like a family, the JCC has needs that are immediate. Our members and community-members rely on the quality (and quantity) of their JCC experiences. Your gift this year will help to offset the cost of outstanding programs and services open to all regardless of background, nationality, faith or ability to pay.

The JCC has helped keep me and my family connected…My Judaism, my children and our shared values are strengthened every day at the JCC.

-Willaine St. Pierre Sandy, JCC Board member

Our Responsibility To Our Family

Like a family, we have the responsibility (and honor) to pay it forward and show the happiness we feel for the JCC. For generations, the JCC has been able to weave the fabric of the broader community through the lives it touches…and, with your help, will continue to for generations to come.

The JCC’s long tradition of welcoming guests – hachnasat orchim – is reinforced daily. We can be proud of the example the JCC sets in the community.

-Kent Newton, JCC volunteer

What Happiness Means To You

Being grateful and giving thanks is essential to one’s happiness and health. This year, when you show your gratitude – hakarat hatov – you recognize the happiness you derive from the JCC. Your support today will ensure the vibrancy of and future for your JCC, your family, your home.
Toda raba (thank you),

Eric Koehler, CEO | Keith Pitzele, Board President

P.S. Join our board and staff to reach the year-end fundraising goal of $136,000. Show what happiness at the JCC means to you with a monthly gift of $36 or more. Please donate or pledge by Dec 31, 2017.