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The JCC’s Counselor-In-Training (CIT) program is a competitive program that is designed to take former campers (incoming 10th graders) who have demonstrated a strong desire to work with children, grow their leadership skills, and have a love of camp. In addition, the prospective CITs should be thinking about becoming a staff member the following year not just looking at the program as something to do or a way to spend another summer at camp. Please note that completing an application does not guarantee a spot as a CIT at camp.

Interested CIT candidates will complete an application, submit a reference letter, and interview with JCC staff members. If invited to the program, participants will spend two weeks focusing on training and the last week will be spent shadowing various JCC staff members.

Program Outline

  • The CIT program will take place during weeks 2, 3, and 4 of camp (June 10–28). The first two weeks of the program will run from 9 am to 1 pm. The last week of training will start at 9:00 am and end at 4 pm.
    CIT participants must complete all three weeks.
  • The CIT program is priced at $599 for all three weeks.
  • The program will be limited to 10 members and admittance is through a competitive process that will include a written component and interview process. The formal interview may take place in person or over the telephone.
  • The CIT candidate should carefully complete the application by March 1, 2019 and turn in all required materials to the East Membership Desk to Erin Mills.
  • The CIT’s are subject to the same code of behavior and policies as regular camp staff and will participate in all aspects of camp life.

Under the supervision of the Camp JCC Staff members, they will:

  • Understand the importance of volunteering
  • Learn about different leadership styles and honing their own leadership styles
  • Help provide a safe and supportive atmosphere for campers
  • Always work with a staff person and never be left alone with campers
  • See what goes into creating a successful summer day camp (programming, supervision, camp policies, etc.)
  • Work with staff to develop and co-lead games and activities during their last week