Ages 3 & Up. The JCC’s gymnastics program teaches coordination, balance, grace and confidence through techniques in floor exercise, balance beam, vaulting, still rings and tumbling.

Attire for girls: leotards, hair pulled back, no bows or jewelry
Attire for boys: shirt and shorts, no jewelry.

No gum, food or candy is allowed in the gyms.


Tumbler I
Ages 3-4
Jan 17-Mar 7Wed4-4:30 pm$124 / $95M
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Tumbler II
Ages 4-5
Jan 17-Mar 7Wed4:35-5:05 pm$124 / $95M
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Gymnastics Level I
Ages 6 & up
Jan 18-Mar 8Thu4:15-5 pm$124 / $95M
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Gymnastics Level II
Ages 6 & up*
Jan 18-Mar 8Thu5:05-5:50 pm$124 / $95M
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*Previous instruction required for Level II class.

Please note the following no class dates: Sep 20, 21, Oct 4, 5, 11, 12, Nov 22, 23