Teen Programs

Afterschool program (Grades 6-8)

Join us after school to hang out with your friends, play some Mario Kart, and get some homework done! Gesher Aftercare is equipped with gaming systems, board games and a quiet room to study. There will be a snack provided everyday as well. You do not have to be a JCC member to utilize Gesher Aftercare, but you must register & pay a nominal fee for the program.

Gesher Afterschool Care Registration Form

Afterschool Care Schedule 2016-2017

Year-Round Activities

There will be opportunities throughout the school year to participate in activities. Those activities will include Lock-Ins, a few weekend trips and some cross-over events with BBYO. We also will be offering “Schools Out” programming during breaks so any time there is no school, we are here!

Spring Break
Jan 3-6
$270 / $195 M
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Mon, Mar 27
$56 / $41 M
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Tue, Mar 28
$56 / $41 M
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Wed, Mar 29
$56 / $41 M
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Thu, Mar 30
$56 / $41 M
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Fri, Mar 31
$56 / $41 M
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High School

BBYO (B’nai B’rith Youth Organization) is a Jewish youth group led by teens with the help of volunteer advisors. This group promotes Jewish identity, social interaction and character development through Jewish morals and ideals. With 18,000 members and over 80 years of experience, BBYO is the largest organization for Jewish youth ages 14–18. The Indy group meets monthly to spend time together and create programs.

bbyo Regional Opportunities

A big part of the BBYO experience is the opportunity to participate in amazing regional events with other Jewish teens in the region (Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio). With 18,000 members from more than 40 regions across North America and all over the world, there are also opportunities to get together on a national and international level.

Get b-Linked

BBYO has a new online community where you can connect with more than 3,800 other Jewish teens from all over the world. You can post your profile, meet teens who share your interests, find out about events, prepare for college and much more! Visit www.b-linked.org to set up your profile.
Looking for something more? We are always looking for teen leaders.

For more information about teen programs and how you can get involved, contact:

Jon Shapiro
  317-251-9467 | ext. 2214