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Members Do 55-Mile Ride for the Living

JCC members Tom Rose and his 15-year-old son, Udi traveled to Poland to participate in The Ride for the Living on June 3. The 55-mile ride starts in Auschwitz and ends at the Krakow JCC. The event attracts people from all over the world to raise awareness and funds for Krakow’s Jewish community. In 2015, Ride For The Living participants raised $200,000 to support medical and welfare services for JCC Krakow’s Holocaust Survivor members. Udi Rose, a freshman at North Central said that as a grandchild of two survivors, he’s excited to be a part of the ride.

He shared with us his journal from his experience.


We drove the O’Hare airport on a Sunday afternoon and then flew to Poland Sunday night. I only got 4 hours of sleep. Looking out the window, Poland looked green and flat. We just arrived in Warsaw. The streets are not that busy and a lot of people use bikes. These are my first impressions. We are then going to go to the last Synagogue in Warsaw that is across the street.

Ride for the Living_udi rose_day 1


Still a bit jetlagged. We walked all around Warsaw. There were many palaces and castles. In the Old Town we saw bullet holes in the walls.

We went to the memorial of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

After that we went to the last remaining Synagogue in Warsaw (the shul is called Nozyk Synagogue). I thought it was very cool that after all those years there is still one standing.

It is very nice here. We had dinner at Kosher delight which was very good.

Ride for the Living_udi rose_day 2 (3)

Ride for the Living_udi rose_day 2 (1)

Ride for the Living_udi rose_day 2 (5)


Yesterday we visited the Polin, the Jewish History Museum. Jews have been in Poland for many years. It was cool to go through the museum and see how Jewish life changed.

Ride for the Living_udi rose_day 3


We did it! The ride was an amazing experience. We rode from death to life. We saw the countryside of Poland and it was nice. I didn’t think I could do 55 miles, but I did it!

Ride for the Living_udi rose_day last_edit thumb





Editor’s Note: Thank you to all who contributed to help Udi meet his fundraising goal. The 2016 Ride for the Living set a record in terms of attendance. Click here for the article in the Jewish Telegraph.







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