Three air-conditioned racquetball courts are available to JCC members at no charge. Racquets and balls are available for free at the Fitness Desk. Courts are open to members on a first-come, first-served basis, or by reservation. To reserve a court, call 317-251-9467.

Looking for people to play with? Write your contact information down in the racquetball binder at the East Desk.

Court Hours

Mon-Thu  |  6-9:50 pm
Fri  |  6 am-5:50 pm
Sat & Sun  |  9 am-6:50 pm

Open Play

Wednesdays  |  starting at 4:30 pm
Sundays  |  9-11 am

Reservation Regulations

  1. Please make a reservation for court use.
  2. Open courts may be used on a first-come, first-served basis. Players with reservations take priority.
  3. Reservations are accepted 2 weeks in advance.
  4. Courts may be reassigned if players are ten minutes late. At least two players must be present on the court to recognize a court time.
  5. Children under the age of 13 are allowed on the courts only when supervised by an adult or if they have a permission slip from a parent or guardian.
  6. A maximum of one reservation per person per day is allowed.
  7. Court reservations are for up to 2 hours.
  8. Please give a name and telephone number when making a reservation.

Court Regulations

  1. Only regulation racquets and balls may be used (both may be obtained at the Fitness Center desk free of charge).
  2. Eyeglass wearers must wear athletic or shatter-resistant lenses. We recommend that non-eyeglass wearers wear eye-guards or some other form of eye protection.
  3. Only non-marking gym shoes are permitted on the playing floor. All players must wear appropriate gym clothes (e.g., sweatshirt or t-shirt, sweatpants or
  4. All racquetball racquets must have wrist straps that are to be worn securely around the player’s wrist.
    Food and drink are prohibited on the courts.