I have been gone for a while, and now I am so glad to be back.  I am incredibly thankful that a place like the JCC exists, providing quality dance classes and an instructor like Rebecca Rutt. You and your team do such a great job.  Thank you!                                                       -Emily

Pescovitz Dance Studio

All classes are held in Pescovitz Dance Studio unless noted otherwise.
* Indicates lessons take place in Group Ex Studio

One-time drop-in: $25
5-class Ballet Card: $100 / $90 M
20% Discount
Register for two or more dance classes and receive a 20% discount on the second class. Register by phone or at a Membership desk for savings. Discount does not apply to dance 
cards or drop-in classes.

Click to view Dance Class Descriptions

Click to view Dance Class Descriptions


Beginning Adult Tap

Ages 18+. Learn how to shuffle, flap, brush, chug, click, cramp, dig, ball change, glide, hop and time step your way into understanding rhythm and timing of music. Tap shoes are optional. Wear comfortable clothing. Jazz shoes, ballet slippers or sneakers that you can dance in are fine. You may bring a water bottle to class.

Flamenco Dance

Ages 16+. NEW! Flamenco dance is a highly-expressive, Spanish dance form influenced by Latin American, Cuban and Jewish cultures.
Typically a solo dance, it is characterized by hand clapping, percussive footwork, and intricate hand, arm and body movements.

For over 15 years, instructor Angela Arteritano has taught Flamenco classes in Houston, TX and Venezuela.


  • Character or Flamenco shoes (may be purchased at Kinney Dancewear across from Glendale or online)
  • Comfortable pants (soft cotton knit long/maxi skirt, leggings or tights underneath)
  • Leotard or t-shirt

Musical Theater/Lyrical Jazz

Ages 16+. Learn the technique of lyrical jazz for half the class and then change your energy to reflect the exuberant dance styles of the American musical theater. Wear comfortable clothing. Jazz shoes, ballet slippers or sneakers that you can dance in are fine. You may bring a water bottle to class.

Israeli Dance

Ages 13+. This fun and unique style of dance is a fusion of traditional and contemporary dance styles reflective of the diverse culture of Israel. This is a “group” dance–everyone does the same steps to a specific song. The formation can be circle, line, or partner. You don’t need any experience, just a positive attitude, a fun-loving spirit, and an open mind.

This is a “drop-in” class. You are welcome to arrive at any time and stay for all or part of the 3 hour session. However, Beginners should plan to attend the 3:30-4:30 portion.

LaBlast* NEW16+Jan 9-May 22Tue4:15-5:15 pm$300 / $240MRegister
LaBlast* (drop-in)16+$18 / $15 M
Beginner Adult Tap 18+Jan 7-May 6Sun12:30-1:30 pm$289 / $238MRegister
Advance Beginner Tap18+Jan 8-Mar 26MonNoon-12:55 pm$228 / $192MRegister
Musical Theater Dance
New Day/Time. Moved to Pescovitz Dance Studio
18+Jan 10-Mar 28Wed1:30-2:25 pm$228 / $192 MRegister
Beginning Flamenco16+Jan 11-May 24Thu7:30-8:30 pm$304 / $247 MRegister
Beg. Flamenco (drop-in)16+$18/ $15M
Beginning Adult Ballet16+Jan 8-Apr 30Mon7-8:15 pm$289/ $255MRegister
Advance Beginning Classical Ballet18+Jan 7-May 6Sun10:15-11:15 am$272/ $238MRegister
Classical Ballet (Tues)18+Jan 9-May 22Tue9–10:30 am$360 / $320 MRegister
Classical Ballet (Fri)18+Jan 12-May 25Fri10–11:30 am$342 / $304 MRegister
Classical Ballet (drop-in)18+$25 / $25 M
Classical Ballet (5-class card)18+$100 / $90 M
No Class Dates

Fri, Mar 30 after 3 pm
Sat, Mar 31
Sun, Apr 1
Thu, Apr 5 after 5 pm
Fri, Apr 6
Sun, May 13
Sun, May 20

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